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Theres nothing new under the sunand no marketer has a corner on teaching any particular type of investment strategy. . World Bank President Bob Zoellick just announced an additional 750 million in IDA support over the next five years to This money will help address some of the biggest obstacles to education in poor countriesincluding hiring more qualified teachersbonuses for highperforming teachers and schoolsscholarshipsearly childhood development and nutrition programsand cash transfers to families which depend on sending their girls to school. With Todd on my teammy wealth is assured. The information contained on this web site is the opinion of the individual authors based on their personal observationresearchand years of experience. For every oneyear increase in the average education of reproductiveage womena country experienced a 9. As a credit card holderyou should know how it works and avoid incurring real debt. Though arguablydiscovering the value of money and the learning the art of managing it efficiently are rewarding enough in and of themselvesthe true reward of financial education is in the peace of mind it offers. Greenspan also spoke about the need for Americans to better educate themselves about managing their finances and to promote greater financial education for children in the school system. Even the very much proeducation and protechnology ClintonGore Administration hasnt managed to pull it off.
The world is littered with people who built vast fortunes and lost it all because of their own financial ignorance. Not all investment strategies are appropriate for all peoplebut theres one right solution for you. Todaywe are inundated with such a multitude of options to choose from while making investments that it leaves us almost clueless.
Its incongruous to own selfresponsibility in your mind for your financial futureyet not take action by educating yourself on Prioritizing your financial education is how you become selfresponsible for your financial future. Neither is an occasional philanthropic gesture on the part of a given business in a given communitylike the Bell Atlantic experiment at Christopher Columbus Middle School. Amazinglythe single biggest skill that can make or break your financial success isnt taught in school. Teachersparentsstudentsand administrators were trained to use the computers. Thats why prepackaged adviceinvestment seminarsand generic computer solutions that spew static financial truths can never measure up to personalized education that helps you find your own truth. How many of us know the difference between a balance sheet and an income statement. How many know After working with Todd for only a few weeks I have noticed great results in both my business and my life. Schools major funds are allocated for payrollplant maintenanceand textbook purchasesnot for technologyand the other market for educational softwarethe home marketis not large enough and cannot command high enough prices. There will never be a better time than now to learn and prepare so that all these benefits can be yours Financial education will teach you how to sort all the conflicting investment advice so that you know how to manage your way through a world filled with investment halftruths. Murray found that half the reduction in child deaths over the past 40 years can be attributed to better education of girls. Whether you hire financial experts or invest independentlyyoure still responsible for your investment results. Considerfor examplethe billions of dollars being spent to develop teraflop supercomputers for conducting simulated nuclear tests a teraflop is a trillion floating point operationsor flopsper second. You can graduate with a four year degree and learn nothing about personal finance or investing. What you cant get from a bookstore or most gurus is the real key to financial security figuring out Their investment advice is genericbut you need it personalized. While the recommendations of OECD are nonbinding on governments and institutionsit might be best if you take a cue and make an effort on your own behalf to get to know everything there is to know before signing a document. Retrieved May 132017from the World Wide Web httpwww. Howeverwhat we fail to realize is that despite the best of intentions on the part of our advisorwe cannot be sure of their level of knowledge and have little idea whether that advice fits in with our individual needs or not. Financial education is one of the great bargains in life it costs littlerisks nothingand returns huge rewards. Visitors should thus verify the terms of any such offers prior to participating in them. Financial agents utilize this situation to their advantage and focus on the promise of higher returns from a product and if the consumer is too cautious he or she is handed a rather poor The simple fact is that most of these investment choices are neither good nor bad but the outcome depends purely on how you manage it. Lacking financial intelligence is the opposite of financial security no matter how much money you have . The reality is each item of conflicting investment advice above is partially true and partially false depending on the situation.

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Education the Best Investment As we enter the twentyfirst centuryit is clear that education isindeedthe best investment that we can makefor an information economy depends upon a knowledgeableskillededucated workforce. . EducationFinal goodsGood 1208 Words 3 Pages. The best thing you could do to come in the clear on financial issues and potentially improve returns on your investments is to start educating yourself on the basics of finance. So in agreeing with Senator Kerrymaking the investment of a college education is the greatest investment we will ever make. The main thing is the module system which means you have exams almost every month. Education is the best investment. Everyone else is in business to serve their best interests. Best investment for having got khowledge and good investment for the financial profit. Education is the best investment.
Financial education teaches financial independence. To overcome recent global economic slowdownSri Mulyani said the government has been focusing on strengthening three main sectors human resource investmentinfrastructure development and bureaucratic reform. You are the only investment advisor for your portfolio that solely has your best interests at heart. By attending collegestudents guarantees themselves a better job that the average Joe.

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An alternative view of investments in education is that they should be higher where the problems are greatest: that would mean greater effort to tackle inadequate education and more money for programs for children who are lagging behind. Research shows that inadequate education is a problem for the whole of society—even the elites—and that everyone benefits from minimizing the number of low-educated people. Is it possible to invest in more quality in education? What form of qualification will produce the best teachers and pedagogues? And what mechanisms should be used to allocate resources?

Gates makes a strong case for making new technology part of our investment in education. Many people want to believe their advisors will take care of the big financial issues like retirementcollege savingsand wealth planning for them. But a word of caution heredo not get carried away by a false sense of being informed as you begin to gain a new understanding of finance. Despite what all the investment experts selling seminars and courses want you to believethere arent anysecrets to investing. This book takes you behind the scientific faade of modern retirement planning to reveal simplerobust solutions that will help you retire sooner and with greater financial security. Im Toddand I created Financial Mentor to give you a stepbystep blueprint for building wealth that actually works. Howeverit need not necessarily mean that we really do understand what we are talking about. Your goal should be to make regular deposits every week into your financial intelligence accountjust like you make monthly deposits into your investment accounts. The author and its publisher disclaim responsibility for updating information and disclaim responsibility for thirdparty contentproductsand services including when accessed through hyperlinks andor advertisements on this site. Andy McIntyre The conventional approach used by experts to figure how much money you need to retire is fundamentally flawed. Something as commonplace as getting a vehicle or home loan can affect your finances adversely if you did not have a viable repayment plan in place.
If your investment decisions arent based on knowledgethen what are they based on salesmans charismaspeakers charmmedia soundbitestrustor blind faith. None of these are a reliable prescription for investor success. The truth can be uncomfortable at timesand the same holds good for a majority of our financial decisions as well. We dont save any of your data its just an image. Financial education is like an annuity it pays dividends for the rest of your lifeand nobody can ever take it from you. When you do thisyour financial intelligence will multiply and grow ahead of the growth in your investment accounts to When you increase your financial intelligenceyou increase the number of financial possibilities available to you. When schools buy new PCsthey often buy behind the priceperformance curve to save moneywhich puts them in the position of owning obsolete machines that much faster. Then increase your savings rate and investment return by 20 i. People are willing to plop down ten to fourteen dollars for a copy of Reader Rabbit 1but not several hundred dollars for software that will enable their kids to take stateoftheart virtual journeys through American history. Thats an example of the potential cash value of financial literacy. But if you are educated financially you CAN find a way out or a solution to your situations. Even the best of financial advisors would be able to provide you with not more than a hazy idea of how exactly a particular form of investment works and what factors may influence the outcome. On the contraryhe points out that no good business case exists for selling hardware to schools The rapid rate at which hardware becomes obsolete isnt a good fit with the school purchasing model Buy onceuse forever. Hope we can get a run in together at FinCon in New Orleans. Romeojeremiah Thanks for joining the conversationRomeo. Great to hear from you. You might think that stock market is a rather unreliable place to put your savings inand you would be right for the most part of it. Im a big believer in financial education because I know the difference it made in my life. Todd helps me bring all of my resistances to the forefrontandworking in unison with meforges the tools to either overcome them or make them my ally. I have been reading your posts and this article about the importance of financial education was a great reminder to how important such an education is. All this is due to our own ignorance of basic financial precepts. The answer could lie in enormous government investmentbut generating the political will to make such an investment is difficult. Herewe are talking about the help that usually comes in the form of wellfounded advice from a knowledgeable acquaintancewhether it is a friendcolleague or some relative. Taking this argument one step furtherit would not be too farfetched to say that even professional advisors may not be able to help you make the best investment decisions possible. What could encourage companies to begin pouring dollars into development of hardware platforms and software tools specifically tailored to educators needs.

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Education the Best Investment As we enter the twenty-first century, it is clear that education is, indeed, the best investment that we can make, for an information economy depends upon a knowledgeable, skilled, educated workforce.

Begin Financial Education As Early As Possible. The best thing you could do to come in the clear on financial issues and potentially improve returns on your investments is to start educating yourself on the basics of finance.

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It was my first experience of western style education. The main thing is the module system which means you have exams almost every month. Try to get a good education its the best investment for your future.

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