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SparkNotes: René Descartes (1596–1650): Meditations …

It provides details of 2A as a whole, and also of the readings, tutorial topics, and essay topics for the in particular.
This Study Guide is in three parts, to make access easier:
is an Introduction and guide to the First Meditation.

In particular, the meditator has reached a certain conclusion about the hierarchy of knowledge:

While such considerations might suffice to induce the requisiteclear and distinct perception in the meditator, Descartes is aiming adeeper point, namely that there is a conceptual link between necessaryexistence and each of the other divine perfections. It is important torecall that in the Third Meditation, in the midst of the causalargument for the existence of God, the meditator already discoveredmany of these perfections — omnipotence, omniscience, immutability,eternality, simplicity, etc. Because our mind is finite, we normallythink of the divine perfections separately and “hence may notimmediately notice the necessity of their being joined together” (FirstReplies, AT 7:119; CSM 2:85). But if we attend carefully to “whetherexistence belongs to a supremely perfect being, and what sort ofexistence it is” we shall discover that we cannot conceive any one ofthe other attributes while excluding necessary existence from it(ibid.).

Essays and criticism on René Descartes - Critical Essays

A summary of First Meditation: skeptical doubts in Rene Descartes's Meditations on First Philosophy

(Notice that in so far as perception has a mental aspect, Descartes will treat it as a mode of thinking, 28) All capacities other than thought are vulnerable to the sceptical arguments of the First Meditation.

Or rather, since he has not yet countered the sceptical arguments of Meditation I, he is considering the concept of a particular piece of matter, without committing himself to its existence.

Descartes Meditation 1 Free Essays - Free Essay …

A summary of Meditations on First Philosophy in 's René Descartes (1596–1650)

However, the argument is not very clear, and Descartes himself takes it to be inconclusive (73).
The next step is to remind the reader of the passage from the naivete of common sense to the deepest scepticism, and the reader is reminded of the arguments of the First Meditation, and indeed forewarned of the conclusions of subsequent Meditations.


It is only in this final Meditation that Descartes at last puts to rest the sceptical doubt about the material world that he had raised in the First Meditation.

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Descartes First Meditation Essays

With respect to the 'I' of the Second Meditation, Descartes argued, first, that the self exists; and second, that its essence is to be a thinking thing.

Descartes' Meditations Essay - 2147 Words | Bartleby

When confronted with this criticism by a contemporary objector,Descartes tries to find common ground: “St. Thomas asks whetherexistence is self-evident as far as we are concerned, that is, whetherit is obvious to everyone; and he answers, correctly, that it is not”(First Replies, AT 7:115; CSM 2:82). Descartes interprets Aquinas to beclaiming that God's existence is not self-evident to everyone,which is something with which he can agree. Descartes does not holdthat God's existence is immediately self-evident, or self-evident toeveryone, but that it can become self-evident to some careful andindustrious meditators.

Descartes and Meditation Three Essay ..

With regard to God, in the Third Meditation, Descartes argued first that the essence of God is of a being who is supremely perfect, infinite, eternal, immutable, independent, powerful, and so forth.

Descartes - 2nd Meditation - Essay - Fatih

Here Descartes develops his earlier analogy between the (so-called)ontological argument and a geometric demonstration. He suggests thatthere are some meditators for whom God's existence is immediatelymanifest; for them God's existence is akin to an axiom or definition ingeometry, such as that the hypotenuse of a right triangle subtends itslargest angle. But other meditators, whose minds are confused and miredin sensory images, must work much harder, and might even require aproof to attain the requisite clear and distinct perception. For them,God's existence is akin to the Pythagorean Theorem. The important pointis that both kinds of meditators ultimately attain knowledge of God'sby clearly and distinctly perceiving that necessary existence iscontained in the idea of supremely perfect being. Once one has achievedthis perception, God's existence will be manifest or, as Descartes sayselsewhere, “self-evident” (per se notam) (Second Replies,Fifth Postulate; AT 7: 164; CSM 2:115).

An Outline of Descartes's Meditations on First Philosophy

In his Second Meditation, he asserts that he is a ``thinking thing''(Descartes, 82), a thing that thinks: ``doubts, understands, affirms,denies, is willing, is unwilling, and also imagines and has sensoryperceptions'' (Descartes, 83).

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