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Canada has been primarily a peacekeeping nation.

The current ice age has come in phases, and a steady rhythm of advancing and retreating ice sheets began and has recurred about every 100 thousand years, which is certainly related to . During this ice age, the land fauna was already adapted to Icehouse Earth conditions, and during 17 or more ice sheet advances and retreats over the past two million years, there were not any large-scale extinctions, except for the most recent one. Below is an artist's conception of Pleistocene Spain. (Source: public domain from Wikipedia)

Women walk past the abandoned shops once run by Muslim store owners in the PK5 neighbourhood.

More than any other technical innovation, the control of fire marked humanity’s rise. In his , Darwin called making fire humanity’s greatest achievement. The only possible exception that he noted was the invention of language. Even today, in our industrialized and technological world, almost all of our energy practices are merely more sophisticated ways of controlling fire. The initial control of fire was at once a social act, a mental act, and a technical act. Although making stone tools represented the big break between the human line and its ancestry, it only allowed apes to mimic what other animals could do. Stone tools represented artificial claws, teeth, and jaws of animals far larger and more capable than apes at killing and eating flesh and bones. Protohumans with stone tools could scavenge more effectively and maybe defend themselves and even attack others, but it was not initially different in kind from what other animals could do, and was a pathetically small advantage when their first stone tools were merely rocks with sharpened edges, about on the order of brass knuckles. Would you want to fend off a lion predation attack (and perhaps multiple lions) with a rock, and at night? Controlling fire was the radical break from all other organisms that ever lived on Earth.

“You can do this for just three months and rotate them.”

But for a layman, what does the term ‘sociological imagination’ actually mean.

During the Cambrian Explosion, an ecosystem developed in which life on the sea floor, surface, and water column all interacted for the first time. All but one of were energy dynamics, as the environment provided either too much or too little energy, and the nutrient hypothesis () will be revisited numerous times in this essay. A lack of nutrients, mineral and otherwise, always meant that the energy-driven dynamics that delivered the nutrients were curtailed. If enough energy is properly applied, all nutrients can be abundant.

Before the rise of humanity and industrial agriculture, the interplay of life, climate, and land masses created the that fed oceanic ecosystems. However, during the Cambrian Explosion the land was largely barren, as life had yet to significantly invade land. Also, have always been key hosts for oceanic ecosystems, as sunlight could reach the seafloor and nutrients were closer to the surface. When supercontinents broke apart or formed as the tectonic plates danced across Earth’s crust, shallow seas were often created, which were usually quite life-friendly. Those ancient shallow seas and swampy continental margins have great importance to today’s humanity, as our fossil fuels were usually created there. Earth’s were created in swampy floodplain conditions, usually near coasts, and the oil deposits were created by and that . The and its predecessors (, ) had a half-billion-year history that began in the Ediacaran, and the Tethys finally disappeared less than 20 mya. The shallow margins of those tropical oceans, and the anoxic events that dotted the eon of complex life, formed most of today’s oil deposits, and . Numerous shallow tropical seas .

“You can do this for just three months and rotate them.”

It is an island surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.

The was merely the latest in a over several millennia, which likely influenced Amazonian cultures. While the markets in Aztec-run Tenochtitlán were incomparable and conquering Spaniards had an appreciation for the materialistic and greedy aspects of Aztec culture, Incan culture was another matter entirely. There were no vast markets in Incan society, but it was run more like a communist regime, with central planning of the economy. The Incas had ornate rituals combined with feasts and festivals, in which religion, warfare, economic reciprocity, and an elite-justifying ideology were inextricably linked, which formed the social cohesion of the empire. They naturally had human sacrifice to appease the gods in their Sun-worshipping imperial religion. The Incan Empire, which was the Western Hemisphere's largest, by far, stretched along the Andes Mountains for thousands of kilometers and was continually subjected to El Niño's vagaries. The Incas had novel means of dealing with it, including forming a vast network of storage facilities along the Incan "highway" on the Andes's high Western slopes, which like those took advantage of the "freezer effect" (and drying) of preserving food, and the Incas advertised their ability to provide for their subjects. The empire's taxation was often more in the form of services than food. Those peoples were arguably the greatest agricultural experimenters of pre-industrial peoples, getting the most out of their challenging environments.

While there is evidence of agriculture along the Andes before 4000 BCE, it was not until about 2500 BCE that agriculture in Peru began in earnest, and they farmed maize by 2000 BCE. The was the Andean peoples' greatest culinary contribution to the world. There is evidence of Peruvian warfare and population collapse by 1000 BCE, probably due to the familiar environmental degradation that civilizations have always inflicted. In another millennium, the culture appeared, which produced the Western Hemisphere’s other pristine state. It , as elite prestige goods.

Sociology can be used for practical purposes to identify and understand social problems.
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Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces.

Humans can radically alter the course of life on Earth, even more so than we already have. Artificial selection has proven to be far more powerful than natural selection, and with the human ability to alter our environment, natural selection itself could become largely irrelevant where humanity is concerned. I will return to this subject soon, but while those ideas can seem to encourage megalomania, it could also point the way to horizons that we can scarcely imagine, which do not have to become -ish nightmares.

Should Canada be more active on peacekeeping?2.

The human nuclear family was a change from ape social organization, which gave more males an opportunity to procreate, but it is also an economic institution, as have been extended families and the like. Family and clan organization . What will happen to family structures with FE and abundance? Bearing children is hard on a woman, and it is difficult to imagine a population explosion with FE and abundance, as women will have better things to do than become baby factories. Maybe the human population will significantly decline in a continuance of today’s , but even if it rose, since humanity will not place a burden on Earth’s ecosystems, it would not matter as it does today.

It can be used to learn more about the world and the people in it.

Today, capitalist interests have turned and concocted other that the public has swallowed whole. Greed and other deadly sins in our scarcity-addicted world. If abundance comes to pass, if a practice is discovered to be harmful, then it will be abandoned and a harmless method will be developed and implemented. What will not happen is that those “invested” in the harmful practice will brainwash the public, with , to call addictive junk food (that capitalizes on the evolutionary energetic adaptation to ) nutritious, and the many other evil practices that parade today as beneficial or benign. Without huge capitalistic interest involved (the GCs are capitalism on steroids), which are , those kinds of practices will end.

The decline in the American standard of living begins.

A key aspect of civilization that will disappear with the release of those technologies is the same aspect that is suppressing them; with economic abundance, elites will become obsolete. Elites have always been economic elites above all else, and all elites for all time have engaged in as the mark of their status. Slavery appeared with civilization and disappeared with industrialization. Elites appeared with civilization and will disappear with the Fifth Epochal Event, which is why ultra-elites have worked so hard to prevent it. They see that their very existence is threatened. For most “normal” people, that can seem a bizarre view, but ultra-elites are addicted to political power and their ability to rule an entire planet, and imposing fear and scarcity are their primary methods of maintaining their position. Each industrialized human , but ultra-elites see themselves as riding billions of slaves. Many of them will not willingly relinquish their position, even if . Fortunately, , and cooler heads may prevail. Instead of ruling in hell, elites will become regular inhabitants of something that resembles heaven on Earth.

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