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330 Words Autumn Season Essay for Class 6 ..

Children whose clarified senses betray them into a brilliant sorcery ofbeautiful pleasure reflect something feral & smutty in the nature of realityitself: natural ontological anarchists, angels of chaos--their gestures& body odors broadcast around them a jungle of presence, a forest of presciencecomplete with snakes, ninja weapons, turtles, futuristic shamanism, incrediblemess, piss, ghosts, sunlight, jerking off, birds' nests & eggs--gleefulaggression against the groan-ups of those Lower Planes so powerless to englobeeither destructive epiphanies or creation in the form of antics fragilebut sharp enough to slice moonlight.

Autumn season comes after summer and before the starting of winter ..

In sum: disappearance is not necessarily a "catastrophe"-- except in themathematical sense of "a sudden topological change." All the positive gestures sketched here seem to involve various degrees of invisibility rather thantraditional revolutionary confrontation. The "New Left" never really believedin its own existence till it saw itself on the Evening News. The New Autonomy,by contrast, will either infiltrate the media and subvert "it" from within--orelse never be "seen" at all. The TAZ exists not only beyond Control butalso beyond definition, beyond gazing and naming as acts of enslaving, beyondthe understanding of the State, beyond the State's ability to see.

Essay on 4 Seasons in India: Summer, Rainy, Autumn, and Winter

So poetry is dead again--& even if the mumia from its corpse retains somehealing properties, auto-resurrection isn't one of them.

So allow me the old-fashioned Beat-Zennish use of , while simultaneously emphasizing--in the case of the Situationist slogan--thatone of the roots of its dialectic can be traced to dada & Surrealism's notionof the "marvelous" erupting from (or into) a life which only seems suffocated by the banal, by the miseries of abstraction & alienation. Idefine my terms by making them more vague, precisely in order to avoid theorthodoxies of both Buddhism & Situationism, to evade their ideologico-semantic traps--those broken-down language machines! Rather, I propose weravage them for parts, an act of cultural bricolage. "Revolution" meansjust another turn of the crank- -while religious orthodoxy of any sort leadslogically to a veritable government of cranks. Let's not idolize satoriby imagining it the monopoly of mystic monks, or as contingent on any moralcode; & rather than fetishize the Leftism of '68 we prefer Stirner's term"insurrection" or "uprising," which escapes the built-in implications ofa mere change of authority.

The parallel term in sufism would be "journeying to the far horizons" orsimply "journeying," a spiritual exercise which combines the urban & nomadicenergies of Islam into a single trajectory, sometimes called "the Caravanof Summer." The dervish vows to travel at a certain velocity, perhaps spendingno more than 7 nights or 40 nights in one city, accepting whatever comes,moving wherever signs & coincidences or simply whims may lead, heading frompower- spot to power-spot, conscious of "sacred geography," of itineraryas meaning, of topology as symbology. Here's another constellation: IbnKhaldun, (both Jack Kerouac's & Jack London's), the form of the picaresque novelin general, Baron Munchausen, , Marco Polo, boys in a suburban summer forest, Arthurian knights out questingfor trouble, queers out cruising for boys, pub-crawling with Melville, Poe,Baudelaire--or canoeing with Thoreau in Maine...travel as the antithesisof tourism, space rather than time. Art project: the construction of a "map" bearing a 1:1 ratio to the"territory" explored. Political project: the construction of shifting "autonomouszones" within an invisible nomadic network (like the Rainbow Gatherings).Spiritual project: the creation or discovery of pilgrimages in which theconcept "shrine" has been replaced (or esotericized) by the concept "peakexperience."

Autumn season (from October to ..

for appointment to the post of Member (Grid Operation & Distribution) in the Central Electricity Authority on Deputation/Contract basis

Liberation is realized struggle--this is the essence of Nietzsche's "self-overcoming." The presentthesis might also take for a sign Nietzsche's wandering. It is the precursor of the drift, in the Situ sense of the and Lyotard's definition of driftwork. We can foresee a whole new geography, a kind of pilgrimage-map in whichholy sites are replaced by peak experiences and TAZs: a real science of psychotopography, perhaps to be called "geo-autonomy" or "anarchomancy."

Refusal of Work can take the forms of absenteeism, on-job drunkenness, sabotage, and sheerinattention--but it can also give rise to new modes of rebellion: more self-employment, participation in the "black" economy and "," welfare scams and other criminal options, pot farming, etc.--all moreor less "invisible" activities compared to traditional leftist confrontationaltactics such as the general strike.

He gave her a list of 37 writers and artists he considered to be unsuitable as IRD authors because of their pro-communist leanings.
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essay on autumn in bengal - Świat Koni

(Thanx to Abu Jehad again, & to Sri Anamananda--the Moorish Castellan ofBelvedere Weather Tower--& other comrades of the Central Park AutonomousZone, & Brooklyn Temple Number 1)

Short Essay on the Autumn Season - Important India

Anyone who can read history with both hemispheres of the brain knows thata world comes to an end every instant--the waves of time leave washed upbehind themselves only dry memories of a closed & petrified past--imperfectmemory, itself already dying & autumnal. And every instant also gives birthto a world--despite the cavillings of philosophers & scientists whose bodieshave grown numb--a present in which all impossibilities are renewed, whereregret & premonition fade to nothing in one presential hologrammatical psychomantricgesture.

Essay on autumn season in bengali language - …

Chetla Agrani, Abasar, Bakulbagan, Naktala Udayan Bakul Bagan Sarbojonin : The Concept for this year is Akla Phera by artist Bimal Samanta .....the artist used Bamboo from Assam. Devi idol is unique and beautiful

Essay on autumn season in bengali language

Even more: without knowledge of the darkness ("carnal knowledge") therecan exist no knowledge of the light ("gnosis"). The two knowledges are notmerely complementary: say rather identical, like the same note played in different octaves. Heraclitus claims thatreality persists in a state of "war." Only clashing notes can make harmony.("Chaos is the sum of all orders.") Give each of these four terms a differentmask of language (to call the Furies "The Kindly Ones" is not mere euphemismbut a way of uncovering yet more meaning). Masked, ritualized, realized as art, the terms take on their dark beauty,their "Black Light."

Short essay on Summer Season - Important India

4. Mail elaborate & exquisite magickal "blessings" anonymously to people or groups you admire, e.g. for their politics or spiritualityor physical beauty or success in crime, etc. Follow the same general procedureas outlined in Section 5 below, but utilize an aesthetic of good fortune,bliss or love, as appropriate.

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