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Authoritarian vs. Authoritative Parenting Essay - 909 …

Although the research on parenting styles affect on academic achievement is vast and many studies have suggested there is a relationship between the two constructs even if these relationships may be contradictory, there has also been research to suggest there is no a relationship between parenting style and academic achievement. Rivers, Mullis, & Fortner, (2012) studied high school pupils from two states in the US using a self report questionnaire and found that parenting style did not affect academic achievement. This study directly challenges previous research within a western sample, however further research would need to support these claims due to the amount of evidence challenging. However this study is supported by previous research which suggests that once other factors have been controlled for parenting style does not have an effect on academic achievement (Pittman & Chase-Lansdale, 2001).

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Whilst there has been a wide range of research suggesting authoritarian parenting style has a detrimental effect on academic achievement there has also been research to suggest that authoritative parenting and academic achievement have a positive relationship. Baumrind (1967) reviewed this relationship within a longitudinal study of pre-school children and found that authoritative parenting style was more likely to result in children being academically successful when they transitioned into school. Although this study gave good support to the suggestion that authoritative parenting has a positive effect on academic achievement the research is now quite old and therefore finding may no longer be applicable. However Lamborn, Mounts, Steinberg & Dornbusch, (1991) reviewed a very large sample of ninth to twelfth grade students in the US and replicated the finding that adolescence of authoritative parents had higher academic competence. Although as this study is cross-section it does not allow only further relationships to be concluded. Chan & Koo, (2011) conducted a recent longitudinal study reviewing UK fifteen year olds and concluded that authoritative parenting is associated with better GCSE results. This study provides good support that authoritarian parenting has a positive of effect on academic achievement. There have been several suggestions as to why authoritative parenting style has been found to be more beneficial in relation to academic achievement. Steinberg, Elmen & Mounts (1989), suggested that the constructs warmth and control within authoritative parenting allowed children to develop a greater "psychosocial maturity" which allowed increased engagement in school resulting in improved grades. Durkin (1995) suggested three reasons as to why authoritative parenting may lead to higher academic achievement; firstly as children with authoritative parent have a high level of emotional security this helps provide independence and comfort which facilitates them to succeed academically. Secondly this parenting style helps children understand parent’s goals and morals through explanation which provide children with the ability to succeed. Finally the bidirectional communication observed in authoritative parenting helps to developed interpersonal skills which help children succeed academically.

Authoritative Parenting Essay -- Family Psychology

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"Today with the abandonment of discipline encouraged by the elite secular thinkers, the rise in juvenile delinquency has exploded. The American Bar Association reports that juvenile crime involving criminal violence and death by guns and drugs, has all but clogged the nation's courts with children involved, as young as twelve years of age."

"What has caused this massive rebellion to authority, and out of control rage of children? The answer is, THE ABSENCE OF LOVING CORPORAL DISCIPLINE BY THEIR PARENTS DURING THE FORMATIVE YEARS. Many a life of sin and shame is simply the outgrowth of a life without any discipline, without any rebuke and without reproof. Now I realize, that there are many voices out there with all kinds of advice. But let me take you to the place of tried wisdom and knowledge, where you won't go wrong if you follow its advice. That place of authority and wisdom is the Bible my friend, for God's Word has never proven itself wrong, and has always blessed those who followed its teaching regarding rearing children. ..."

Much of the research suggests that it is within Western cultures that children receive benefit from an authoritative parenting style. As since the initial research on parenting style has been conducted it has been established that different cultures react to parenting style differently. Baumrind, (1972) studied pre-school children through home observations and interviews with parents and found that whilst authoritative parenting was seen to be beneficial for white girls academic achievement it was not seen to be beneficial for black girls. Even though this study suggest a cultural difference the observations used were of a short duration and therefore may not have seen a true representation of the parents normal behaviour. Steinberg et al., (1992) concluded in a cross-sectional study of US high schools that there was no link between authoritative parenting and academic achievement in African-American children. Finally Chao, (2001) supported these findings when studying 9th to 12th grade children in US, they found that Chinese American’s did not perform better academically when they have authoritative parents compared with European America’s who performed better academically if they had authoritative parents. The author goes on to suggest that in different ethnic groups parenting style could have different connotations. Taking Asian American’s as an example they value closeness in their relationship with their parents but such virtues are not valued in regarded to their academic achievement. Instead parents teach children the importance of obedience and hard work, (Chao, 1994).

Essay about authoritative parenting chart

Authoritative parenting Children do not come with guidelines or instructions

If you want to be a loving parent, very first you have to forget your past if you had brought up with authoritarian parenting fashion. If you brought up with authoritative parenting fashion, you will have fears of domination and rejection hence you will check out to above do your issues as you do not want to do the exact same point to your kids out of fear of rejection by them. You will usually have the fear of becoming rejected or controlled by them whilst parenting your young children. So very first you have to overlook how you had been brought up or heal the wounds your parents had inflicted on you in purchase to keep a natural parenting style that is loving parenting.

To elevate healthy kids, you have to nurture your wounded little one in you. Unless of course, you do this you will not be able to defeat your fears and these will reflect in your day to day parenting your young children. We have to retain in thoughts that quantity of men and women who are alcoholic, drug addicts and making use of anti-depression medicines is increasing. The crime rate is also increasing as there is much more range of folks are in prisons compared to before. This may possibly be because of to both authoritative parenting fashion or permissive parenting.

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Essay about authoritative parenting chart - Kris Finger, …

Parenting styles have been researched for many years and as research has developed it has become clear that the style of parenting employed could impact on children’s development. Although many different types of parenting style have been reviewed the main body of research regarding parent style aligns with the three styles defined by Baumrind (1978), authoritarian, permissive and authoritative. Authoritarian parents are defined as strict, expecting obedience and using punishment when children misbehave. They are not warm or responsive to the child’s need and discourage independence. Permissive parents are defined as having little control, rarely punishing or restricting the child and often allowing the child to make their own decision. Authoritative parents are defined as being warm and responsive whilst still recognising adult and child differences resulting in setting clear boundaries. Child development is a vase area of research and as a result this essay will focus on one area of child development, academic achievement with the research evaluated containing children and adolescence participants.

Parenting Styles Essay Example for Free - …

However although research suggests that certain cultures do not benefit academically from authoritative parenting style studies have been presented to challenge this view. Chen, Dong & Zhou (1997) studied a Chinese population and found authoritative parenting style was positively associated with academic achievement. Whilst Besharat, Azizi & Poursharifi (2011) found that mothers in Iran who had an authoritative style of parenting had children with higher academic achievement, which is in contrast to previous research where eastern societies have been highlighted as benefiting more from authoritarian parenting style. The authors explained the reasons for this difference could be that as Iranian mothers have become more educated and taken a more authoritative role recently this may explain the alignment between Iranian and western mothers. Even though similarities have been found within Western and Eastern culture on the influence of parenting style and academic achievement, Dornbusch et al. (1987) found a key different in grade point average, showing that authoritative parenting was beneficial within White families but not for Asian, Black, or Hispanic families, highlighting the cultural differences that may be present. However as this was based on the self report of adolescence further research will be needed to assess this relationship within different cultures.

The authoritative parenting style: An evidence-based …

"Today we have a generation of humanity that rejects God and His word as the basis of life, and has established its own wisdom in place of it. Secular humanism, now the official philosophy and religion of our schools, media and courts today has had a generation to raise children and its results are disastrous. Yet, God's Word still stands as the tried and true way to rear children. This, of course, includes the mandatory use of parental discipline that includes spanking a child."

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