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Top 10 Reasons Euthanasia Should Be Legal Everywhere …

In Oregon and Switzerland, studies have shown that people who request death are less motivated by physical pain than by the desire to remain autonomous. This pattern of reasoning was exemplified by Brittany Maynard, a twenty-nine-year-old newlywed who moved to Oregon last year so that she could die on her own terms rather than allowing her brain cancer to take its course. Her story appeared on the cover of People, which described her as having the “soul of an adventurer and the heart of a warrior.” She became the poster child for assisted death—a far more palatable one than Jack Kevorkian, who had previously filled that role. Unlike the patients whom Kevorkian attended to with his makeshift “suicide machine,” Maynard appeared neither passive nor vulnerable. Since her death, seven months ago, lawmakers in twenty-three U.S. states have introduced bills that would make it legal for doctors to help people die.

We Should Legalise Euthanasia Essay - 444 Words | Majortests

Last year, thirteen per cent of the Belgians who were euthanized did not have a terminal condition, and roughly three per cent suffered from psychiatric disorders. In Flanders, where the dominant language is Dutch, euthanasia accounts for nearly five per cent of all deaths. (The percentage is lower in the southern, French-speaking parts of Belgium.) The Flemish media have adopted a mostly uncritical approach to euthanasia, running numerous articles about the courage of people who have chosen to die. Last year, De Standaard, a prominent Flemish newspaper, published a long tribute to a depressed mother who was euthanized after being abandoned by her boyfriend and becoming disillusioned by her psychiatric care. “I am forever grateful to her that she handled this so well,” her twenty-four-year-old son told the paper. “I am so glad we were able to say goodbye in a beautiful way.”

Your view: Should euthanasia be legalised? - Telegraph

In the end, they fear, people will be expected to commit euthanasia as soon as they become an unreasonable burden on society.

The right to a dignified death is viewed as an accomplishment of secular humanism, one of seven belief systems that are officially recognized by the government. Belgian humanism, which was deeply influenced by the nineteenth-century Freemasonry movement, offered an outlet for those who felt oppressed by the Church, but it has increasingly come to resemble the kind of institution that it once defined itself against. Since 1981, the Belgian government has paid for “humanist counsellors,” the secular equivalent of clergy, to provide moral guidance in hospitals, prisons, and the armed forces. Humanist values are also taught in state schools, in a course called non-confessional ethics, which is taken by secular children from first through twelfth grade, while religious students pursue theological studies. The course emphasizes autonomy, free inquiry, democracy, and an ethics based on reason and science, not on revelation. Jan Bernheim, an emeritus professor of medicine at the Free University of Brussels, who studies ethics and quality of life, told me that euthanasia is “part of a philosophy of taking control of one’s own existence and improving the objective conditions for happiness. There is an arrow of evolution that goes toward ever more reducing of suffering and maximizing of enjoyment.”

Reflections on the growing problem of euthanasia require a word regarding the medical profession. The word is first of all one of gratitude. So many people have dedicated themselves to the care of others. The skills of medicine are skills to preserve and care for life. The heart and soul of the medical profession is UNWAVERING RESPECT FOR THE DIGNITY OF THE HUMAN PERSON, a dignity which is not bestowed by the State or by anyone else, but belongs to the very nature of the person. Those who promote this dignity deserve thanks. The state of our times is also a plea to those who practice medicine: never allow the skills of your profession to be used to destroy the gift of life. Euthanasia is just a nice word for killing. We must oppose the trend which says that there are some lives not worth living. We must oppose the mentality which says that we should end a life in order to eliminate suffering. No, we do not end life. We care for it. When life is weak and afflicted with pain, it is all the more deserving of our care. Our times demand courage and wisdom. May these not be lacking to any one of us!

09/09/2004 · Your view: Should euthanasia be legalised

Yes, just as abortion was legalized in the U.S. by its Supreme Court, so euthanasia can also become legal.

In response to the somewhat increase in violence against abortion facilities and the shooting of 5 abortionists and clinic staff, U.S. Congress passed the Freedom of Access to Clinics Act (FACE). In addition the Supreme Court ruled that the RICO (Anti-Racketeering Act) did apply to peaceful abortion protesters. The sum total effect of these draconian laws sharply chilled, not just the symbolic, non-violent sit-ins, but also what had been completely legal, the common First Amendment-protected, peaceful sidewalk counseling and picketing outside of abortion chambers.

Many legal experts had thought that such protection was already present in the 14th Amendment to the Constitution; but, in the late 1960s, 17 states passed laws to allow abortion for various reasons. Pro-life leaders do not want this to happen again. Accordingly, these amendments would revoke the pre-existing states’ rights situation and mandate universal civil rights for all living humans — born or unborn.

For example, it will be difficult to deal with people who want to implement euthanasia for selfish reasons or  into dying.
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Do you think euthanasia should be legalized

From a utilitarian viewpoint, justifying euthanasia is a question of showing that allowing people to have a good death, at a time of their own choosing, will make them happier than the pain from their illness, the loss of dignity and the distress of anticipating a slow, painful death. Someone who wants euthanasia will have already made this comparison for themselves.

Should euthanasia be legalised in India

Opponents can also argue that the net effect on the whole of society will be a decrease in happiness. The only way to approach this would be to look at countries where euthanasia is legal. However, as no two countries are alike, it seems impossible to extricate the happiness or unhappiness resulting from legal assisted suicide, from any happiness or unhappiness from other sources.

Legalize Euthanasia Essay - 2148 Words | Cram

For one reason or another, an act like Oregon’s may not be necessary or feasible for many states. First, although suicide has been decriminalized and euthanasia remains a form of homicide in all states, the legal situation is not so clear-cut when it comes to statutes on physician assistance in suicide. Some states do not have specific laws prohibiting physician-assisted suicide; among states that do have such laws, violations may not be reported, the laws may not be enforced, or the participating provider may not be convicted or sentenced. That is to say, substantial discretion and flexibility on these questions are already embedded in the laws of many states. If we understand law to be not simply a social mechanism for restraining wrongdoing but also an educator of social values, it may be that the mere possibility of passing such an act serves as sufficient impetus to find alternatives for improving care at the end of life.

Many people believe that euthanasia should be legalized ..

Those who push euthanasia (the killing of the seriously ill by act or omission) are all around. Have you met them? Have you heard them on TV and read their articles? If not, the time has come to be aware that they are on the march with their ungodly, death-dealing philosophy, trying to carve it into law.

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