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At present, the more abstract emotions are believed to be human only. However, what we define as altruism, relief etc, may be our rationalisation of a emotion or a mixture of one or more basic emotions.

This is the introductory essay in our series on understanding others’ feelings

I begin by outlining some of the ways that philosophers haveconceived of the place of emotions in the topography of the mind,particularly in their relation to bodily states, to motivation, and tobeliefs and desires, as well as some of the ways in which they haveenvisaged the relation between different emotions. Most emotions havean intentional structure: we shall need to say something about whatthat means. Psychology and more recently evolutionary biology haveoffered a number of theories of emotions, stressing their function inthe conduct of life. Philosophers have been especially partial tocognitivist theories, emphasizing analogies either with propositionaljudgments or with perception. But different theories implicitly positdifferent ontologies of emotion, and there has been some dispute aboutwhat emotions really are, and indeed whether they are any kind of thingat all. Emotions also raise normative questions: about the extent towhich they can be said to be rational, or can contribute torationality. In that regard the question of our knowledge of our ownemotions is especially problematic, as it seems they are both theobject of our most immediate awareness and the most powerful source ofour capacity for self-deception. This results in a particularlyambivalent relation between emotions and morality. I will conclude witha brief survey of some recent trends, particularly as they affect andare influenced by the neighboring disciplines in which the study ofemotions has become increasingly prominent.

Do Animals Have Feelings Essay doContent

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Knowing Your Fears: What are the fears underlying your emotions? You will need to know and understand your fears. To do this you will have to swallow some pride and admit and accept that you have many fears that are affecting what you do each day. These fears are often not at the conscious level. Are you afraid of being alone; abandonment; the unknown; adventure; losing face; ridicule; not having enough money; loneliness; death; suffering; losing prestige; not being honored for your work and effort; losing your wife or husband – the list is endless?

Dynamical systems theories have been relatively slow toemerge, despite their increasingly fashionable status in more centralareas of cognitive science. One remarkable attempt to integrate theperspective of dynamical systems into understanding of emotional lifeis that of (Magai and Haviland-Jones 2002), who draw on dynamicalsystems theory to model the elusive combination of unpredictabilityand patterned coherence found in the life-long evolution ofindividuality. Like predecessors such as Bowlby (1969–1980),they are motivated by a goal of understanding at the level ofconscious experience as well as of underlying mechanisms: dynamicalsystems theory is only one of their tools. It is thereforeparticularly pertinent to the preoccupations of those who areinterested in the normative dimensions of emotions: their rationalityand their irrationality, their capacity for enhancing or inhibitingself-knowledge, and their moral implications. I address thesequestions in the next three sections.

Essay on Emotions: Definition, Characteristics and Importance

M/C Journal: "Feeling, Emotion, Affect"

In recent years, a notable development in philosophical treatmentof emotions has been the attempt to incorporate interdisciplinaryapproaches and insights into philosophy. Paul Griffiths (1997), JessiePrinz (2004), Craig DeLancey (2002), Tim Schroeder (2004) are amongthe most vigorous exponents of the view that philosophical work on theemotions must be re-oriented away from linguistic analysis and morerichly rooted in science. Robert Solomon, who spurred both interestand opposition with his provocative thesis that emotions arejudgments, also advocated an enrichment of emotion theory throughcross-cultural perspectives and the integration of scientificperspectives (Solomon 1999). Under the impact of explosive progress inbrain science, there has been renewed interest in the hypothesis thatinnate emotional temperament, as well as social environment, conditionpeople's moral and political stance. Emotional dispositions, in turn,have been linked via neuro-transmitters to specific genes (Canli andLesch 2007). At the same time, the influence of social environment andideology has been studied in increasingly greater depth. The view thatemotions are “socially constructed” and partly conditioned by ideologycan now be supported by more solid empirical work: what is experiencedas a quintessentially individual and psychological process, namelylove, is conditioned by an ideology that depends on social andeconomic factors (Ben Ze'ev and Goussinsky 2008; Illouz2012). More traditional perspectives continue to thrive, notably inthe defense, by David Pugmire (2005) and others, of a broadlyAristotelian point of view on the moral importance of integrity inemotions. There has also been increasing attention paid to the centralrole of emotions in psychiatry (Blair, Mitchell, and Blair2005; Charland 2010), in law and politics (Finkel and Parrott2006; Deigh 2008), and in religion (Roberts 2007).

Over a century after Nietzsche opened up the question of the“genealogy” of morals, philosophers have finally begun to takeseriously the emotional roots of morality (Prinz 2007; Haidt 2012).Emotions are seen by several philosophers as the psychological rootsof moral feelings, so that different domains of morality can be tracedto groups of emotions of which the prototypes are observed in ourprimate cousins (de Waal 2006; Joyce 2006). Less radically, otherphilosophers have explored the function of emotion — particularlyguilt and shame — in motivating moral behavior (Taylor 1985; Gibbard1990; Baier, 1995; Greenspan 1995).

An Extensive List of Human Emotions and Their Meanings
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Essay about feelings and emotions

People who make a deep commitment to themselves to become emotionally healthy are willing to go to great lengths to learn about their emotional selves and to do what is required to release buried emotions. This is often an uncomfortable and difficult journey when you begin, but I promise you great joy once you’ve gotten over the first few hurdles. Once you make this commitment your journey to identify your issues and release buried emotions will become much easier.

Custom Men, Women and Emotions essay writing

The limbic system is the part of the brain associated with many emotions; experiments show it is active when an animal or person is frustrated while damage to that area produces aggressive-impulsive behaviour. In evolutionary terms, the limbic system is an ancient part of the brain and is not exclusive to humans: animals have emotions, but only humans rationalise those emotions and agonise over their feelings.

Animals Have Feelings and Are Humans Too - one essay …

Our real purpose in being on Mother Earth is to keep increasing our level of consciousness and living a more spiritual or love-based life. The higher the consciousness someone has, the higher degree of spirituality in his or her life. The higher the spirituality the closer we are to being what we are meant to be, a fully integrated and loving human being. You cannot shift to higher levels of consciousness as long as you have major negative emotions buried within you.

Feelings, Moods, and Emotions – Honor Killing - Do My Essay

Emotions are reliable indicators of what is really going on inside of us. There are many ways to identify emotions and you will have to choose the manner that is most suitable to your personality. Some people need to do this in solitude whereas others need to do this with others. Some will want to write while others will use a much more casual approach. Sometimes it’s best to combine a number of approaches for a deeper identification of emotions.

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