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Eastern Orthodox Church - Wikipedia

These sixteen so-called Churchesare: (1) The four Eastern patriarchates — Constantinople,Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem — and the Church of Cyprus,independent since the Council of Ephesus. (2) Since the great schismeleven new Churches have been added, all but one formed at theexpense of the one vast Patriarchate of Constantinople. They are thesix national churches of Russia, Greece, Servia, Montenegro, Rumania,and Bulgaria, four independent Churches in the Austro-HungarianMonarchy, namely Carlovitz, Hermannstadt, Czernovitz,Bosnia-Herzegovina, and lastly the Church of Mount Sinai, consistingof one monastery separated from Jerusalem. One of these Churches,that of Bulgaria, is in schism with Constantinople since 1872. Thetotal number of Orthodox so-called Christians in the world isestimated variously as 225 to 300 millions.

Eastern Orthodox Christian theology - Wikipedia

In any event, the schism that divided Christendom right down the middle exists to this day. Although both sides accept the validity of each one’s orders and sacraments, no inter-Communion exists between the Roman Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox. That means that normally speaking, Catholics aren’t allowed to receive Holy Communion in Orthodox Churches, and conversely, Orthodox shouldn’t receive Holy Communion in Catholic Churches.

A brief overview of the early history of the Orthodox Church

Overview: The Eastern Orthodox churches differ in beliefs from the Roman Catholic church

Below are of the infallible dogmas of the Catholic Faith which are rejected byProtestants and (in the case of the Papacy) by the Eastern"Orthodox." The Church "anathematizes" (a severeform of excommunication) all who obstinately assert the contrary toits dogmatic definitions.

The Catholic Churchteaches that those baptized persons who embrace heretical orschismatic sects will lose their souls. Jesus founded His Church uponSt. Peter, and declared that whoever does not hear the Church beconsidered as the heathen and publican (Matthew 18:17). He alsocommanded His followers to observe "all things whatsoever"He has commanded (Matthew 28:20). The Eastern schismatic sects (suchas the "Orthodox") and the Protestant sects are breakoffmovements that have separated from the Catholic Church. By separatingthemselves from the one Church of Christ, they leave the path ofsalvation and enter the path of perdition.

Christianity A brief overview of the Orthodox Church's early history

Eastern Orthodox Church Essay - 1553 Words

Another competitor to Pauline Christianity was -- a philosophical and religious movement with roots in pre-Christian times. Gnostics combined elements taken from Asian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek and Syrian pagan religions, as well as from astrology, Judaism and Christianity. They claimed to have secret knowledge about God, humanity, and the rest of the universe of which the general population was unaware. They believed that the Yahweh of the Hebrew Scriptures was a defective, inferior Creator-God, also known as . He was viewed as fundamentally evil, jealous, rigid, lacking in compassion and prone to committing genocide. They viewed Jesus as a deity in human form, but not a human. They tolerated different religious beliefs within and outside of Gnosticism. Some Gnostics formed separate congregations; others joined existing Pauline Christian groups; still others were solitary practitioners.

Eastern Orthodox Catholics and Roman Catholics are the result of what is known as the East-West Schism (or Great Schism) of 1054, when medieval Christianity split into two branches.

Eastern Orthodox Beliefs – Usa Online Essays
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Eastern Orthodox Beliefs - Best Essay Writers

So as we hear in thisquote even the Eastern Orthodox admit that the epistle of Clement tothe Corinthians clearly shows that Rome clearly held the place ofpriority in the first century. And this undeniable priority of theChurch of Rome is nothing other than the primacy that belongs to itas a result of its bishop being the successor of St. Peter.

Eastern Orthodox Church Essay Examples | Kibin

In the following veryinteresting quote, we will hear from Eastern Orthodox scholarNicholas Afanasiev. He was a professor of Church history and CanonLaw at the Orthodox Theological Institute in Paris. As an EasternOrthodox theologian, he was not a Catholic and did not acceptCatholic teaching on the Papacy or the bishop of Rome. But in anessay found in the Primacy of Peter, edited by John Meyendorff pages124-126, here is what this Eastern Orthodox scholar admitted aboutthe epistle of Clement to the Corinthians:

The Encyclopedia of Eastern Orthodox Christianity - …

Furthermore, if Christsaid He would be with His Church all days until the end of the world(Mt. 28), why did the Church suddenly stop having councils in 787?Doesn't it strike as a bit ridiculous that many other councils wereheld after 787, which the Eastern "Orthodox" arbitrarilyreject as "not accepted by the Church," ? What about the Council of Florence (1438-1442),which saw reunion of the East with the Catholic Church when PatriarchJoseph of Constantinople accepted Florence, the primacy of theBishop of Rome, and Florence's teaching against all who would denyit? How on Earth could one say that Florence wasnot accepted "by the Church," while other councils were?What are the criteria? I've asked many Eastern "Orthodox"this very question and received no answer simply because they havenone. Whatever criteria they pick to use as the justificationfor accepting a particular council as dogmatic, and rejecting anothercouncil as non-dogmatic, can be used against them to prove that, onthat very basis, they would have to accept later Roman Catholiccouncils.

Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches split

Thus, a Protestant or an"Eastern Orthodox" who obstinately rejects these dogmaticteachings is anathematized and severed from the Church, outside ofwhich there is no salvation. It's quite interesting that, in issuingthese dogmatic canons, the Church says: "If anyone shall say….let him be anathema []" as opposed to "Ifanyone shall say… anathema ["This qualification of "let him be" allows room for thoseCatholics who may be unaware of a particular dogma and would conformto the teaching of the canon as soon as it were presented to him. Theperson who is obstinate, however, and willfully contradicts thedogmatic teaching of the Church receives the full force of theautomatic condemnation.

Essays over eastern orthodox - BNA Bricklayers Perth

Eastern Orthodox branches include the Ruthenian, Ukrainian, Greek Catholic, Melkite, Romanian, and Italo-Albanian Byzantine Churches. In addition to the Byzantine, Eastern Catholics also include Maronite, Coptic or Chaldean Catholic Churches.

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