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by a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia and charged with violating federal law 18 U.S.C. § 371 Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce in Aid of Unlawful Activities and to Sponsor a Dog in an Animal Fighting Venture. The “interstate commerce” requirement gives the federal court jurisdiction over an activity otherwise regulated by the state. Interstate commerce in the Vick case included transporting fighting dogs across state lines and hosting dogfight participants from other states at Bad Newz Kennels. The charge is a felony with a maximum penalty of 5 years prison. A charge under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) for would have carried only a maximum penalty of one year per violation.

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In a  reported by the Associated Press, two other football players defended Vick and ridiculed the idea that dogfighting is a crime:

No person shall knowingly do any of the following: Promote, engage in, or be employed at dogfighting; Receive money or anything else of value for the admission of another person to a dogfighting event or a place kept for dogfighting; Sell, purchase, possess, or train a dog for dogfighting; Use, train, or possess a dog for seizing, detaining, or maltreating a domestic animal; Pay money or give anything else of value in exchange for admission to or be present at a dogfight; Witness a dogfight if it is presented as a public spectacle. The department of agriculture may investigate complaints and follow up rumors of dogfighting activities and may report any information so gathered to an appropriate prosecutor or law enforcement agency. Any peace officer, as defined in section of the Revised Code, may seize and cause to be impounded in accordance with section of the Revised Code any dogs that have been, are, or are intended to be used in dogfighting. In addition, any peace officer shall confiscate any equipment or devices used in training such dogs or as part of dogfights. Effective Date: 06-10-1980; 2008 HB71 09-30-2008

Peace, Phillips and Taylor were charged with promoting dogfighting . Taylor was also charged with three counts of unlawful torture and killing of dogs, and Peace was charged with one count. Each is a felony charge with a maximum 5 year prison term. The grand jury declined to bring eight possible additional counts of animal cruelty against the defendants.

Dog-fighting can be organized or unorganized in urban areas.

I am writing an essay on animal rights, involving pit bulls and dogfighting

Michael Vick, then 21, began his rookie year as a professional football player the same year he and three associates – Purnell Peace, Quanis Phillips and Tony Taylor – began a dogfighting operation named “Bad Newz Kennels” at a property purchased by Vick in Surry County, Virginia. They bought dogs in Virginia and other states and brought them to the new facility. Michael Vick became a registered dog breeder. The co-conspirators set up the property for a dogfighting venture. They built a fence along the side of the property, so that their activities would not be visible. They buried car axles with heavy chains, a common method for securing fighting dogs since the pivoting axle prevents the chain from tangling.

The exposure of Bad Newz Kennels helped alert the nation to the viciousness of dogfighting that is commonplace in many communities despite the fact that dogfighting is outlawed in every state and, to some extent, by the federal government. To read about new laws and tougher penalties that have been enacted in the wake of the Vick case, see .

dogfighting definition: A blood sport by which dogs fight with one another; Close combat between two military plane; Present participle of dogfight.
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Dogfighting : The Humane Society of the United States

They hosted fights at the Virginia property and transported dogs to other states to participate in fights. The fights usually occurred late at night or in the early morning and would last several hours. Before fights, dogs would be bathed to remove any poison or narcotic that might have been placed on them to hinder their opponents’ performance. Losing dogs sometimes died in the pit. Gambling purses were frequently in the thousands of dollars.

Persuasive Essay On Dog Fighting Free Essays - …

As used in this section: "Fighting dog" means a dog that a peace officer has probable cause to believe has been, is, or is intended to be used in dogfighting in violation of section of the Revised Code. "Impounding entity" means the entity that has possession of an impounded fighting dog during its impoundment. "Peace officer" has the same meaning as in section of the Revised Code. "Violation" means a violation of section of the Revised Code or an attempt, in violation of section of the Revised Code, to violate section of the Revised Code. A peace officer may seize and cause to be impounded with an impounding entity a fighting dog that the peace officer has probable cause to believe is involved in a violation. A fighting dog that is seized under this section may be humanely destroyed under either of the following circumstances: During its seizure if it is necessary because the fighting dog is suffering; At any time during its impoundment if a licensed veterinarian determines it to be necessary because the fighting dog is suffering. Procedures, requirements, and other provisions that are established in divisions (C), (E), (F), and (G) of section of the Revised Code shall apply to the seizure, impoundment, and disposition of a fighting dog. For purposes of that application, references in those divisions of section of the Revised Code to "companion animal," "impounding agency," "officer," and "offense" shall be deemed to be replaced, respectively, with references to "fighting dog," "impounding entity," "peace officer," and "violation" as defined in this section. Likewise, references in those divisions of section of the Revised Code to "section of the Revised Code" shall be deemed to be replaced with references to section of the Revised Code, as applicable. Effective Date: 2008 HB71 09-30-2008

Dogfighting Fact Sheet : The Humane Society of the …

No person shall: Torture an animal, deprive one of necessary sustenance, unnecessarily or cruelly beat, needlessly mutilate or kill, or impound or confine an animal without supplying it during such confinement with a sufficient quantity of good wholesome food and water; Impound or confine an animal without affording it, during such confinement, access to shelter from wind, rain, snow, or excessive direct sunlight if it can reasonably be expected that the animals would otherwise become sick or in some other way suffer. Division (A)(2) of this section does not apply to animals impounded or confined prior to slaughter. For the purpose of this section, shelter means a man-made enclosure, windbreak, sunshade, or natural windbreak or sunshade that is developed from the earth's contour, tree development, or vegetation.[;] Carry or convey an animal in a cruel or inhuman[e] manner; Keep animals other than cattle, poultry or fowl, swine, sheep, or goats in an enclosure without wholesome exercise and change of air, nor or feed cows on food that produces impure or unwholesome milk; Detain livestock in railroad cars or compartments longer than twenty-eight hours after they are so placed without supplying them with necessary food, water, and attention, nor permit such stock to be so crowded as to overlie, crush, wound, or kill each other. Upon the written request of the owner or person in custody of any particular shipment of livestock, which written request shall be separate and apart from any printed bill of lading or other railroad form, the length of time in which such livestock may be detained in any cars or compartment without food, water, and attention, may be extended to thirty-six hours without penalty therefor. This section does not prevent the dehorning of cattle. All fines collected for violations of this section shall be paid to the society or association for the prevention of cruelty to animals, if there be such in the county, township, or municipal corporation where such violation occurred. Effective Date: 01-17-1977

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