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Why i Want To Become a Nurse Free Essays - StudyMode

I agree, unemployment is a depressing process. I’ve been to numerous interviews with NSW Health … they are all unsuccessful and they know that I am a new graduate nurse. All the interview questions they ask are for experienced RNs. I have trouble answering the question because I don’t have the experience to reflect on.

Include how much autonomy a nurse should have to apply personal wisdom to the process.

I finished my Bachelor of Nursing this year. I too went to a university that allowed students to cheat, paying people to write their essays, having other people sign their names for prac when they weren’t there. Yes my uni turned a blind eye to all of this and now these students who talked their way through lectures have new grad placements and have started them. I am an older student (39) who only ever wanted to be a nurse and have a secure future. Well wasn’t I stupid to listen to those lectureres sugar coating the whole industry. I have since graudated and can’t get a new grad. I applied at NSW Health and was unsuccessful, I immediately thought that my other hospitals that I chose on my preference list would pick me up and I would be allowed to have another interview. No…once you are unsucessful with NSW health you cannot apply for another new grad. So I rang them and they told me, Sorry you cannot apply for a new grad at any NSW health hospital. So now I can only apply at private hospitals or nursing homes. I have recently just been employed as an AIN again because I need work while I wait for my registration to come through. I’ve already been told by the agency that I can only go out into rehab which will limit my skills. I am so pissed off. I feel I want my money back.

Essay on Why I Want to Be a Nurse | allnurses

If the critical thinking process was automated list two instances where a nurse may use “wisdom” to override the automated outcome suggested....

Regarding the ADF, I certainly would not recommend a new grad to join the army unless you actually want to work in the defence forces. Reason is that the training is not of the standard given to hospital trained staff. I am ICU trained and we would always get ADF nurses working supernumerary with an RN to gain and improve on clinical skills that are not offered in the ADF. Good career path down the track but strongly recommend gaining clinical knowledge and skills in the hospital first.

Dear Rosy, Lucky you, but on the other hand, I think as a New Grad you need to practice your skills in an acute care setting, that’s what we are trained for. Then you will be able to make a choice where you really would want to work in the long term, then you could choose a Nursing Home setting to continue your profession. Currently, you won’t be able to see and practice many surgical and medical procedures and cases that need medical interventions. Having work with three different places is a hard/ stressful situation for a new grad in the first year, don’t you think?
I’d like to hear your feedback on this.
Thank you

Essay on Why I Want to Be a Nurse

“Why I Want to Be a Nurse” Essays: 2 Top Tips for Success

I graduated in 2010 and received an offer in the NSW and Victorian grad programs. I took the NSW offer, and most of my classmates also received offers of employment. During the application process, I found that a lot of new grads were applying to metro hospitals. These programs may have more places on offer but they also have a larger pool of applicants.
The rural and regional hospitals have fewer places, but are certainly less competitive. The hospital that I work at now (in rural NSW) offers one new grad place each year. We had no one take up the offer in 2011 or 2012. I also noticed that there were a few unfilled positions in the Victorian program in 2011.
The hospital I did my new grad program in had all their positions filled for 2011 but they also employed new grads outside of the program as ward nurses. These part time first year RNs were not officially in the program but were allowed to attend our study days.
My advice to any new grad would be, don’t be picky. Apply to more than one state program. If you don’t get in, get on White Pages, write down phone numbers for every hospital you can find and start ringing their Nurse Managers. Have a copy of your resume up to date and ready to email. Ask them if there are any positions available (even part time or casual or temporary) for RNs on the medical, surgical or aged care units. Ask for a phone interview if you can, and be prepared to move at short notice (many rural hospitals still have nurse accommodation that you can live in short term).
The hospital I work at now has had three RNs retire in our aged care unit in the last 8 months. The most recent open position had many, many applications from overseas nurses and it remains unfilled.
If you are still looking for a job Peter, I bet you would find one here. You wouldn’t be limited to working in the aged care unit either. If you told them you wanted general nursing experience they would almost certainly rotate you through the wards as they have done with me and the other junior RNs. Best of luck to you!

I hope you managed to find a position since you commented here Gloria.
It is tough to find work, but there really are many opportunities, you just need to think outside the square.
You don’t actually have to do a grad program. A lady I work with just scored a ward position after missing out on a grad position. You just need to be proactive.
As James said, only the hospitals in your preference list know you exist and if they have an empty spot, they don’t always rush to fill them.
It is also more difficult to find a position when you list ED, ICU and theatre as preferences. These departments are looking for special people and many rural and remote hospitals don’t even have an ICU or theatre.
Most employers want someone who has a good grasp of the work nurses do, before specialising. And that usually means doing the hard graft on the wards and getting your time management skills and basic nursing skills down pat first.
If you’ve scored a job, congrats!

Why Do I Want To Be A Nurse Essay
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Essay why do i want to be a nurse.

Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences. I missed out on the new graduate program too. Anyone know if we are still eligible to apply for another new graduate program, the next year and the year after? I am currently working in Aged Care (I have to be practical). Believe me, I had been applying to wherever I can… I thought I may have better luck because I have Permanent Residency status but nothing -it is very disheartening. I really want a hospital job. I need to have a good foundation of nursing, maybe my view is limited, but I just think it is a must to have an acute care experience (so far I learned a lot from working in Aged Care but in terms of clinical skills, it is very limited). Anyone here or you know of who got into a new graduate program who graduated some years ago? I know it’s silly but, most employers ask for at least one-year experience in acute care – I don’t have it unless I get a new grad… so back to my question… I graduated way back in 2012, can I still apply? I honestly don’t want to be stuck where I am – not that I am not grateful for having a job, but it is natural to desire career growth and development and most hospitals have better structure/support for nursing compared to where I’m at. Just my opinion…

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I am post grad 5 years and am finding it hard to get a job, I have a part time job but want to be somewhere acute. One interview out of many applications, that was 5 weeks ago and they assured me I would hear either way. Obviously I didn’t get the job despite being told they were very impressed and I was just what they wanted. 2 days of interviews for 3 jobs, that is the competition out there! The whole system sucks, for grads and experienced nurses and I feel it has its basis in the opening of uni numbers. Cruel to allow nurses to graduate when the universities know there is a low chance of employment, all they care about is our money. I am now on the casual pool and drive an hour on the M1 to get to work but that is what I have to do to get a foot in the door. I feel so badly for the new grads and despair for the nursing students I see coming through the wards on prac.

Why Do I Want To Be A Nurse Essay Sample - it s nursing ever

I really want to work as a nurse, but given the situation that I’m experiencing right now, I really do hate it because it feels like everything that I’ve poured into getting scholarships and awards were all for nothing. Everything just gets brushed off with a simple “you don’t have enough experience”.

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