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Divorce And Our National Values Essay

Divorce can, with some justification, be viewed as either a problem, a symptom, or a solution. Which of these is or should be the prevailing view depends on who is looking at the subject. Different stakeholders are concerned with the quality of family life and the effects that divorce might have on individuals and the culture as a whole. Among the groups with a vested interest in divorce are politicians, religious groups, counselors, educators, and families themselves.

There are many areas in which divorce has a negative effect in the life of a child or an adult.

For the past 100 years, there has been a generally upward trend in divorce in the United States. A slight decrease in divorce occurred during the early years of the 1930s. The economic troubles of the Great Depression likely influenced the divorce rate, but economic recessions since that time have not showed the same pattern regarding divorce. While divorce declined in the 1930s, it spiked dramatically in the second half of the 1940s. This change has been attributed to the effects of World War II. It seems reasonable that some partners found others during the time they were apart, women discovered independence through their work in the war effort, or persons were changed by the separation so that they were no longer compatible. Another probable explanation for the spike was that marriages contracted hastily before or during the war were no longer appealing to the partners when the war was over.

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In this essay we will cover one of the main causes of divorce and one of the main effects....

For this study it is valuable topic to explore because it is important to understand that the effects of divorce among adults are excluded to both individuals but also to the other people who are involved and in a family, the roles of the parents are very important....

The divorce rate for both is 3.05 percent” (SiliconIndia, 2012), Produces about divorce with negative pressure effects on parents and children, As well as reactions child for the death of a parent was found to be not much different from the reaction of children from divorced parents, even if the child...

Divorce And Our National Values - The New York Times

The effects of divorce can be tremendously painful for both children and adults.

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Good afternoon Mr. Chairman and Members of the Subcommittee. Thank you for the opportunity to testify before you today on the challenge that family life in America presents to the children and the leaders of our nation.

The family is the building block of our society. It is the place where everyone begins life and to which they always belong. The more that members of a family belong to each other, the more each individual and each family thrive. When rejection occurs in the family, especially between the parents when they separate or divorce, or even when they never come together, the entire family and especially the children, suffers.

The accompanying extended remarks in the form of a booklet called "The Map of the American Family" illustrate in charts the trends and the dynamics of belonging and rejection in the United States over the last fifty years. These charts are mainly from federal surveys and give a snapshot of what is occurring within America's families. (British data are used when there is no corresponding U.S. federal survey….a situation that should be remedied.)

The effects of belonging, rejection, and indifference are illustrated in these graphs. National survey data repeatedly and consistently show that the highest levels of positive outcomes are in those families where the parents have always belonged to each other and to their children: the intact married family. These families (adults and children) are less likely to live in poverty, less likely to be dependent on welfare, more likely to be happy, and to have a host of other positive outcomes. Further, the children in these families are more likely to exhibit positive outcomes (such as higher grade point average) and less likely to exhibit negative ones (such as depression).

Though these charts are correlational -- deliberately so, to give the best picture or snapshot of what is happening with America's children -- the regression analysis and causative exploration by the nation's top family sociologists repeatedly find that the intact married family is the best place in which children thrive.

When parents reject each other by divorce or an out of wedlock birth that eventually ends in totally separate lives for the father and mother, the strengths of their children are not as developed as they could be, and more weaknesses occur in major outcomes such as deprivations, addictions, abuse and failure.

When fathers and mothers belong to each other in marriage their children thrive. When they are indifferent or walk away from each or reject each other, their children do not thrive as much, and many wilt a lot.

The chart below gives a picture of how many children have been affected by changes in family structure over the past fifty years, changes in the levels of belongingness and the levels of rejection during these five decades.

The effects of divorce can be detrimental to a family, but the causes of divorce can be just as bad.
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Aug 29, 1997 · Divorce And Our National Values

Despite the changes brought about in the era immediately following World War II, the time of most rapid increase in divorce was from the early 1960s to 1980, when the divorce rate more than doubled. Factors that have been proposed to account for the increase in divorce include the second wave of feminism (also known as the modern women’s movement), an increase in women attending college and perceiving options outside of married life, increases in the accessibility and effectiveness of birth control, increases in opportunities for cohabitation (living together without being married), and the introduction of no-fault divorce statutes. During the last 20 years, the divorce rate has declined from its all-time high but continues to be high when compared with the rates of divorce in other countries. Among the factors related to the recent decrease in divorce is that persons are waiting until later to marry for the first time. Early marriages, particularly among those younger than age 20, have a much higher chance of ending in divorce.

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Persons viewing divorce as a problem tend to focus on statistics indicating a high likelihood of divorces for first marriages and direct much of their concern toward the effects of post-divorce circumstances on children. These stakeholders have been very successful at getting their message to a wide audience. Among those viewing divorce as a problem are clinical psychologist Judith Wallerstein, James Dobson of Focus on the Family, and the Institute for American Values.

The Effects of Divorce on America The Effects of Divorce on ..

Divorce is defined as a problem because of the trauma of the breakup as well as the aftereffects for both the partners who divorce and any children that are involved. Divorce is a problem for couples through both psychological and financial costs. Divorce is seen by many, including the divorcing partners, as a failure of the couple. They experience guilt, loss of self-esteem, and anger. Divorced people are more likely to commit suicide than are married people.

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Society’s concern with the effects of divorce on children has been a recent phenomenon but a politically useful tack. The presence of children does little to prevent parents from divorcing; it only seems to delay it. Each year, more than 1 million children are involved in the divorce of their parents. For those advocates who see a two-parent home as essential for rearing well-adjusted children, divorce creates additional problems by creating single-parent families.

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