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Ted Hughes's wife, Sylvia Plath, famously killed herself

Ted Hughes was born as Edward James Hughes on August 17, 1930, in Mytholmroyd, a small town in Yorkshire, England. His father was a carpenter who had seen service in World War I. Throughout his life (and even in his death, where his ashes were scattered on a remote hillside miles from any road), Hughes remained connected to the atmosphere of the English countryside. He did not write about rolling in the daffodils as his predecessor William Wordsworth did; Hughes employed a darker vision of the literal and symbolic ruggedness of the landscape.

Sylvia Plath - Online Essays and Papers

about the present and future, and doubt about what a single individual can do to stem the tide of violence and cultural decay—all themes made urgent throughout the period of the two world wars. T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, James Joyce, and Virginia Woolf shared with Hughes an exploration of individual consciousness sometimes expressed in fragmented, difficult language.

Critical Essays on Ted Hughes : Leonard M

The Stag was written by a poet named Ted Hughes and is similar to the poem Roe-Deer in many respects because they feature many similar ideas....

This page is a bibliography of reviews of works by Sylvia Plath. They are organized by individual publication. Click the links to the left to jump to a specific work. Reading reviews contemporary to each works' publication can lend valuable insight into Plath's reception - and a look at how she had been received critically is important to the future of Plath scholarship.

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Critical Essays on Ted Hughes by Leonard M

There are many similarities and differences between the two autumn poems ‘There came a day’ by Ted Hughes and ‘Ode to autumn’ by John Keats.

Hughes married his second wife, Carol Orchard, in 1970. Hughes began expanding his work to drama, children’s literature, literary criticism (especially of William Shakespeare), translations of Greek classics, and illustrated books. He settled in the countryside of Devon and became involved in farming, especially sheep and cattle raising, which he writes of in Moortown (1979). These poems, written in a wide variety of styles, describe the everyday experience of life in the countryside. Rather than stressing the unbridgeable gaps between mankind and animals, as in his earlier poems, Hughes writes of livestock here with a farmer’s easy familiarity. The farm presents a continuing cycle of birth and death in which the human beings participate, as in bringing calves and lambs into the world or putting diseased animals out of their misery. The book is dedicated to the memory of Jack Orchard, Hughes’s father-in-law. Hughes remembers him at work about the farm, shearing sheep, building a fence in a December downpour, and doing everything as a man who is instinctively at home with his work and moving in harmony with nature.

In 1984 Hughes was appointed poet laureate, the honor of being the ”national poet” of Britain, given to just one person at a time until their death. The laureateship is usually given to poets whose writings are uncontroversial in style and theme, but Hughes shattered that stereotype for all future poets of his country. He died at his home in North Tawton, England, on October 28, 1998.

Free Essays on The Tractor by Ted Hughes
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Jaguar ted The hughes writing critical essay

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