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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland parodies, I think above all else, the human effort to create an organized universe in which our experience can be rendered rational. We have devised a language that not only arbitrarily symbolizes the world around us, but also incompletely represents it, and we use language to construct narratives that we take to be true reality, instead of some selective and laughably minute version of reality. Carroll’s continual plays on language throughout the book, especially in using words with multiple or ambiguous meanings, divert the dialogues between characters from any anticipated route by the reader, and thus mock the supposed logic and consistency of language, as well as narrative itself.

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Lewis Carroll's famous story and one of Walt Disney's hit movies, Alice in Wonderland, is a story about a curious girl named Alice that dreams of having a "world of her own". Her adventure begins when she falls asleep listening to her sister's history lesson and finds herself chasing after a white rabbit. She falls down the rabbit hole and meets strange creatures such as a talking doorknob, who helps her through a keyhole into Wonderland; Tweedledee and Tweedledum, who tell her stories; The Caterpillar, who shows her the mushroom to make her grow; and the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, who celebrate and unbirthday at their tea party. Finally, Alice has a run-in with the Queen of Hearts and her army of playing cards. Eventually, Alice is awakened from this nightmare by the recitations of her sister and the purring of her cat, Dinah. The release date of the movie was July 26, 1951.

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The White Rabbit is the first of the animals that readers are introduced to and is the character that leads Alice into Wonderland. In Indian dream interpretation the rabbit can represent fear and overcoming limiting beliefs. Indeed, the White Rabbit seems perpetually frightened of what shall become of him should he be late, lose a glove, or displease in general, and by leading Alice into Wonderland he challenges the limits of reality.

In the 1920's, Walt Disney produced many shorts called 'the Alice Comedies', which was an immediate success. The shorts were based on a real girl named Alice, who dreamed and walking around in her own fantasy world. After creating these shorts, Disney decided to make a movie based on Lewis Carroll's book, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland." The main idea that Disney and Carroll had in common was the appreciation of childhood, eventually making a perfect team for such a movie. Disney wanted to make a live-action/animated version of the movie in 1933, but postponed the project due to the release of Paramount's version and World War II. In 1945, Disney finally found his perfect Alice that modeled exactly after his creation; a 14-year-old girl named Kathryn Beaumont was picked to play Alice. Finally, in 1946, the production of Alice in Wonderland began, taking five years to finish and costing over $3 million. After the release of the movie, Disney and his audience were disappointed in the outcome of the movies. Disney blames the "lack of heart" Alice displyed and the overwhelming abundance of characters.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is a child's struggle to survive in the condescending world of adults.

Identity is a crucial theme in Alice. Alice is asked to identify herself by several of the creatures of Wonderland and often she is unable to respond. She usually feels that she is too tall to be herself, or too small, or that she is another person altogether (“I must have been changed for Mabel!”). And it is only when “who she is and how she sees herself are no longer subject to the erratic and uncontrollable unknown” can she gain a measure of power to deal with the absurdity around her (Stowell 7).

Alice’s experiences in Wonderland are free from most of the norms and expectations that guide our lives and for that very reason are both marvelous and disconcerting. There is an unfettered joy as well as a continual disorientation that the reader experiences vicariously through Alice of never knowing what will come next, of realizing that the only certainty is uncertainty--that what one thinks will happen certainly will not. The world that we think we know, which we define logically through cause and effect, and that we ceaselessly seek to tame through definition, is subverted and replaced by a mad rush of unsequenced and inexplicable events. Along with Alice, we encounter a place that is seemingly lawless, whose nebulous experiences spawn from the subconscious and perhaps even more fundamentally from that most basic mystery that is the only core to existence.

The complexity of Carroll’s ingenuity writing Alice in Wonderland has been dubbed an aspect of literary disobedience....
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Alice in Wonderland (1976 film) - Wikipedia

In Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, Alice is constantly mistaken for the "wrong" Alice. She doubts her motivation and will to fufill the prophecy, but Alice has regained complete confidence, independence, and self-assurance by the end of the film.

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, Paperback | …

Alice in Wonderland started out as a novel by Lewis Carroll, but today it's known as an icon. Through all the interpretations and media, they have portrayed different aspects of Alice's dream through her Wonderland.

Alice in Wonderland Summary | GradeSaver

The conflict between child and adult gives direction to Alice's adventures and controls all the outstanding features of the work- Alice's character, her relationship with other characters, and the dialogue....

Alice in Wonderland Study Guide | GradeSaver

Lewis Carroll uses these fantastical thoughts as a foundation for that of Wonderland, a bizarre and seemingly absurd world in which, Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland and the sequel, Through the Looking Glass occur.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Norton Critical …

At the time she was speaking of the fact that her body seemed to be growing to immense proportions before her very eyes; however, she could instead have been speaking about the entire nature of Lewis Carroll's classic works Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There....

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You may nurse it a bit, if you like!' Alice caught
the baby with some difficulty ...", this shows her maternal side.
Wonderland is an illogical land, nothing seems to make sense to

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