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Literary Terms and Definitions C

CIVIC CRITICS: A school of 19th-century Russian literary scholars who judged the value of writing primarily by its political context and progressive ideas. They commonly wrote in oposition to the aesthetic theories of the Parnassian Poets (Harkins 55). Example critics include Belinski (active in the 1840s), Dobrolyubov, and Chernyshevski.

Also explains the historical and literary context that influenced Of Mice and Men

The breadth and variation of the above-noted problems pertinent to contemporaryadolescent sexual behavior is staggering. The magnitude and diversity of themanifestation of these problems is challenging the educational, health care, and socialservice systems of America. The complexity of these problems is due at least in part totheir connection to the other risk behaviors of adolescence and to numerous individualand contextual influences on adolescents .

Culture-Based Negotiation Styles | Beyond Intractability

Contextual Factors in Health and Illness | SpringerLink

The fact that not all parents engage in such generally growth-promoting child-rearing raises a fundamental question: Why do parents parent the way they do? Whereas the earliest work on this topic emphasized the socio-economic status of parents and the way in which (maltreating) parents were themselves reared, subsequent work, guided principally by Belsky’s6 process model of the determinants of parenting, highlights social-contextual factors and forces that shape parenting.7 These include (a) attributes of children; (b) the developmental history of parents and their own psychological make-up; and (c) the broader social context in which parents and this relationship are embedded.

One way of illustrating this contextual variation and, as well, of judging whetherparents and society at large have been successful in shaping youth to accept social values,is to ask youth what it means to be a good or a bad child. In one study that took thisapproach American, Japanese, and Chinese adolescents were asked "What is a bad kid?". In America, youth answered that a lack of self control andsubstance abuse were the marks of being bad. In China, a youth who engaged in actsagainst society was judged as bad. In Japan, a youth who created disruptions ofinterpersonal harmony was regarded as bad.

Leaders and Leadership | Beyond Intractability

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The multiple intelligences approach does not require a teacher to design a lesson in nine different ways to that all students can access the material...In ideal multiple intelligences instruction, rich experiences and collaboration provide a context for students to become aware of their own intelligence profiles, to develop self-regulation, and to participate more actively in their own learning. (p. 27)

Indeed, insofar as the limits of scientific generalization permits, most youth havethe personal, emotional, and social context resources necessary to meet successfully thebiological, psychological, and social challenges of this period of life--either bythemselves or as a consequence of intervention programs that may capitalize on their"plasticity" , that is, on their potential for systematic development change; ; . There are numerous examples ofcommunity-based programs that are indicative of this potential for successfulinterventions , ; . Such programs provideevidence that with a supportive social context attuned to the developmental changes andindividuality of youth, healthy and successful people may emerge from the period ofadolescence.

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In short, the rearing of adolescents is not accomplished in the same way and withthe same outcomes by all parents. Adults vary in their parenting styles and in the mannerin which they socialize their children. This variation is linked to different individualcharacteristics of parents and, as well, to the features of the proximal and distal contextswithin which parents and families are embedded. This variation is associated also withdifferences in other contextual factors--relating, for instance, to parental education,family social support, parental mental health, family stability, and poverty.

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Almost 25 years ago now Belsky6 argued that parenting is multiply determined by a variety of factors and forces and that weakness or strength in any one was unlikely to determine how parents behaved, as the positive contribution of the latter buffered the undermining effect of the former. Thus, what was most important to understanding why parents parented the way they did was the accumulation of stresses and supports or, in developmental-psychopathology terminology, risk and protective factors.41 Therefore, while the cited evidence calls attention to some of the social-contextual determinants of parenting, these need to be considered “in context,” i.e. in the context of other determinants, only some of which have been discussed.

PIDP 3100 - Learning Theory Essay | Patrick de Sousa RN

It has long been presumed that hard-to-manage, negatively emotional and demanding children are not only more likely to develop behaviour problems, especially of the externalizing variety, but do so because of the hostile-intrusive or even detached-uninvolved parenting they evoke. A number of investigations do link infant or child negativity/difficulty with less supportive, if not problematic parenting,10,11 and greater sensitive-responsiveness and warmth on the part of parents with greater positive emotionality,11 prosocial behaviour12,13 and social competence14 on the part of children. Pike and associates15 found, in fact, that more negative, irritable or aggressive adolescents received more negative parenting even after accounting for heritability. Such results are in line with experiments manipulating negative child behaviour to investigate its causal effect on parenting.16 Such experimental efforts to document truly causal effects have not been undertaken with positive child behaviour. All this is not to say, however, that variation in parenting is exclusively – or even primarily – a function of child temperament/behaviour, only that it makes a contribution, especially when considered in the context of other sources of influence.7

Contextual Factors Affecting Job ..

Virtually all the work to be considered derives from correlational (and sometimes longitudinal) studies linking some putative determinant with some feature of parenting. As such, most of the work fails to account for the fact that parenting, like so much of behavioural functioning, is itself heritable.8,9 Thus, findings to be summarized linking social-contextual “determinants” and parenting “outcomes” illuminate potential causal processes rather than confirm them.

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