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Banquo is a friend of Macbeth and his murder is un-predictable.

Macduff in England
Banquo and Macduff
Macbeth Vs MacDuff
Macbeth and Macduff
Macbeth and Banquo
Video Macbeth and Banquo Meet the 3 Witches
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Introducing the Characters
- Was once Good but turned Evil
- Murderer
- Evil Nature
- Has a Wife
- Selfish
Introducing the Characters
- Former Friend of Macbeth
- General in the Scottish Army
- Has a Son named Fleance
- Killed by order of Macbeth
- Loyal to the King
Introducing the Characters
- Thane of Fife
- Wants what is best for his family and country
- a Good Man
- Honest
-Kills Macbeth
-Family Dies by orders from Macbeth
- Finds Malcom
Similarities and Differences
a) He Kills his Dog
b) He murders His Wife
c) Kicks him out of the country
Why did Macbeth Kill his best friend?
Why did Macduff leave Scotland?
a) He was scared
b) He never left
c) He went to find Malcom
Why did Macbeth order Kill Lady Macbeth?
What was Macduffs beilf of Malcom at first when he met with him in England?
a) He was going to be an even worse King then Macbeth
b) He was going to be a perfect King
c) He thought he was a coward for leaving

The only women who appear in the play are the witches, Lady Macbeth, and Lady Macduff.

Macbeth defeats two major foes, Macdonwald, and the Norwegian King, as if it were taking candy from a baby- at least that's how the bloody, dying captain in the beginning described his feats....

Compare and Contrast Banquo Macbeth and Macduff Essay …

Out of fear for himself, Macbeth murdered Macduff’s family and killed Banquo....

Siddons) that in the banquet scene the ghost of Banquo, which appears to Macbeth, is seen at the same time by his wife, but that, in consequence of her greater command over herself, she not only exhibits no sign of perceiving the apparit...

Blanche Coles states in Shakespeare's Four Giants that Macbeth's wife had considerable leverage over her husband's mind: This was her opportunity to do as she had promised herself she would do after she had read the letter - to pour her spirits into his ear, to chasten with the valor of her tongue all that might impede him from the golden crown....

Compare and Contrast Macbeth, Macduff, and Banquo…

Characters that apply this action are Macbeth, the first murderer, Macduff, and Young Siward.

MacDuff drove Macbethfrom Dunsinane "into the hills above the Dee River, where MacDuffslew the Pretender on a slope above Lumfannaine, and carried his headto Prince Malcolm." I could not find any independent confirmation ofthis appealing legend, or where Lumfannaine might be.
-- the search for the historic Macduff
-- the search for the historic Macduff
Charles A Harper graciously sent me his photos of "Macduff's castle" and Wemyss caves:
Other correspondents have told me thatA Clan MacDuff website, which is now down,mentions that the Wemyss family claims descent from our Macduff,and that according to legend,Macduff escaped from Macbeth through three miles of naturalcaves.

While the general Macbeth and his friend Banquo are returning from a victorious battle, King Duncan hears of their courage and bestows the title of Cawdor on the still absent Macbeth....

In an attempt to retain his power Macbeth also murdered Banquo and Macduff’s family.
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Compare and contrast Macbeth, Macduff, and Banquo

In Everybody's Shakespeare: Reflections Chiefly on the Tragedies, Maynard Mack explains how the Bard upgraded the Holinshed version of Banquo: His [King James] family, the Stuarts, claimed descent from Banquo, and it is perhaps on this account that Shakespeare departs from Holinshed, in whose narrative Banquo is Macbeth's accomplice in the assassination of Duncan, to insist on his "royalty of nature" and the "dauntless temper of his mind" (...

Compare and Contrast the Characters of Macbeth and Banquo

Hail, King of Scotland!" (Shakespeare 219)

After Macduff killed Macbeth he came to let Malcom and the people of Scotland know so that they could hail their new king.

Compare and Contrast Macbeth and Macduff Essay - …

Ophelia and Lady Macbeth are different in their characters because of Ophelia's weakness, her obedience to Laertes, Polonius, and Hamlet, Lady Macbeth's perseverance for power and her manipulative nature towards her husband....

Similarities And Differences Between Macbeth And Banquo ..

We are free from his tyranny" (Shakespeare 217).

Macduff only killed Macbeth becuase Macbeth became extremely selfish and wanted to help the people of Scotland.
, Macduff and Macbeth were both similar in the beginning because they were respected friends of King Duncan but Macbeth became power-hungry throughout the story and that changed the type of person he was.
Banquo said "I plan to fight against the secret plot that caused this treasonous murder" and Macduff said "So will I" (Shakespeare 77).

Macduff was loyal to King Duncan so he wanted to do what he could to figure out wh he was killed and who was behind it.
Macbeth says to Lady Macbeth "I have done the deed"(Shakespeare 55).

Lady Macbeth and Macbeth planned King Duncan's death because they wanted to rule the Kingdom themselves like the witches said they would
"I see that you have the kingdoms's noblemen around you, and they're thinking the same thing as me.

Copy of Similarities and differences between Macbeth …

After Banquo's murder by Macbeth's assassins,Fleance fled to North Wales,and married one Nesta / Mary, daughterof Gryffudth apLlewellyn, Prince of Wales.

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