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FREE Essay on Community Policing Strategy

In order to reach out to the community effectively, the police are required to take up a central role in these committees and groupings to foster relations with the members of the public (Next City, 2014).

The Effectiveness Of Community Policing - UK Essays

Is it a Liberal or a Conservative Approach? As society continues to evolve and violent crimes are on the rise, the need for law enforcement agencies to develop new strategies in their approach is a must. However, with budget constraints that greatly affect the number of officers on the streets, agencies must use un-conventional approaches. Community policing is one of those approaches. Discuss whether or not community policing is a liberal or conservative approach as well as what Homeland Security means for the future of community policing. 389 word essay with reference

The Effectiveness Of Community Policing

Police Involvement in Community IssuesMembers of the police force are genuinely involved in community issues and affairs.

Post a description of community policing as you would define it. Then, explain the functionality of community policing based on your definition. Finally, explain how your definition of community policing aids in organizational improvement.

The capacity to maintain ethical behavior can poise an overwhelming challenge to the young officer experiencing for the first time, challenges and questioning of his/her core values in a confrontational atmosphere supported only by other officers requiring camaraderie for survival. The more confrontational the situation, the more officers are required to rely on fellow officers for survival. Loyalty becomes more important than integrity. Officers policing in the more confrontational areas of any community require larger organizational resources invested in the area of values maintenance and review, however manpower shortage-, and high call-loads typically permit the administrator to perceive it as a low operational priority. This belief typically changes radically when an agency must react to a significant crisis stemming directly from inappropriate officer behavior patterns.

The Introduction To Community Oriented Policing

In essence, community policing is the close collaboration between the police and the local community.

To become a law enforcement officer is not an easy task. Intellectual, psychological, and background reviews are completed that many times require the officer applicant to wait months, if not years, to determine if they are successful in obtaining a position in the basic police academy. Once selected to attend the academy, the applicant faces further academy screening and testing. Demanding academic, physical, and discipline challenges continue to reduce the number of recruits who eventually graduate the academy. Even then, after successful completion of months of an academy curriculum, a Field Officer Training Program thins the ranks even further of those hoping to successfully complete the probationary period and have the opportunity to serve their respective communities as police officers. With the exception of a small number of professions in our society, very few, other career fields demand more to obtain an entry level position than law enforcement. Even with these highly selective screening measures in place, why does the field of law enforcement experience the headline cases of wrongful acts perpetrated by officers that potentially taint the entire profession ? Are these cases of "Bad Apples" that should never have been officers and are selection failures or can the experience of being, a law enforcement officer change the existing values structure of the officer? Can this change cause an abandonment of "Core" ethical values by officers and permit the development of rationalized "Situational Ethics" ?

The police force has a moral and ethical obligation to serve the public with impartiality based on race, finances, or politics. Any variation from this obligation results in immediate public and media scrutiny in today's world. Maintaining the same standards for everyone is important in the processes and helps in establishing respect from the community for law enforcement and judicial systems. Peelian Principle 5, “Police seek and preserve public favour not by catering to the public opinion but by constantly demonstrating absolute impartial service to the law” clearly refers to this aspect of law enforcement.

In most cases, the police work with volunteers or chosen members of the community such as church leaders and youth groups.B.
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Essay Sample On Community Policing And Its New …

When attempting to discuss values many law enforcement agencies, unfortunately have not discussed the concept of the possible existence of a belief of entitlement in their agencies, but rather have instead focused on such issues as the acceptance of gratuities or other potentially controversial behaviors. When an agency focuses it's attention on the question of what is an inappropriate behavior or gratuity without discussing entitlement it bypasses the more fundamental question for the officers to answer. Without discussing entitlement the agency losses an opportunity for officers to understand and discuss the potential impact of the gratuity question and its impact on core values for the police officer. Lecturing working police officers about the evils of gratuities and how they lead to the "slippery slope" of corruption will usually be met with sarcastic sighs and closed minds. Discussing entitlement provides officers the information necessary to conceptualize independent values-based decisions. Whether or not the free cup of coffee is a harmless expression of appreciation by a member of the community or represents a contingent gratuity such as; "if I keep the cops in my restaurant the added security is good for business" is actually a moot point for officers trained in core values maintenance. The more appropriate questions for a police administrator would be, by permitting the members of the department to accept free coffee or reduced priced meals are we permitting to be created a belief system in the officers that they warrant a different standard of accountability than the general population. Secondly, it should be asked if a different standard of accountability does exist, is it one where the officers are less accountable for their behavior than the general community. Many a police administrator that would consider reduced priced meals inappropriate would permit officers to accept "special prices for law enforcement" for cellular phones or pagers without a second notice. The law enforcement administrator would also need to evaluate if a sense of "Entitlement" is being cultivated within the departmental hierarchy, and expressed as an extension of the military "rank-to-privileges" relationship. "As a commander I can bend the rules, but you folks down the chain better behave", represents in-house entitlement in operation.

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Community policing is a positive public method of law enforcement. For some, it is an ideal imperative that gently coordinates cooperation between police officers and residents. Some of these interactions can lead to a bond forming between the community and its law enforcement agents. For some this is a great result, for others it is not. For proponents of traditional policing, community policing can lead to a reduction in arrests in an adverse fashion. In New York City, the “Impact” program was a failed experiment hoping to merge elements of both schools of thought. For those who desire to cultivate progress and deterrence in the community using affable means, community policing is the strategy of choice.

Community Policing Essay Example for Free

There was often a disconnect between a sense of accountability with citizens over laws being enforced justified by the attitude that police didn’t make the laws, they just enforced them. Waco, Ruby Ridge and the disarming of citizens in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina are among many disturbing and uncomfortable incidents of enforcing laws without regard to the impact of that enforcement on citizens and the community. To be fair, this is not just a problem to lie at the door of policing. There is plenty of blame to pass onto both the citizenry and those they elect, some with dubious competence and character, making the laws police are enforcing.

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