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The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book.

The most significant alteration of the texts occurs in the quotations of statutes, particularly in the excerpts from the Second Coke’s original editions quoted the Latin text of statutes in received forms from manuscript and printed editions. Here, the statutes have been replaced with translations from canonical sources produced in the generations following Coke’s, which would have been consulted by lawyers employing Coke’s materials. Magna Carta is taken from (Edward Cooke, trans., London, Printed by the assignees of R. and E. Atkins for T. Simmons, 1680), the translation by Edward Cooke, the barrister. The reader is cautioned that this edition is neither authoritative as a matter of current law nor the most accurate translation as a linguistic exercise, but its selection is consonant with translations that would have reflected the understandings of these texts in the generations immediately following Coke’s work. Other statutes are taken from 1810–28, a nine-volume edition of official, if not always precise, translations into English, or from of 1743, an edition edited by Owen Ruffhead that was the commercial predecessor to the official edition of 1810.

“Calvin and Hobbes and the Moral Sense: A Farewell.”

3. A Libeller (who is called ) shall be punished either by indictment at the Common Law, or by Bill, if he deny it, or upon his confession | in the Starre-chamber, and according to the quality of the offence he may be punished by fine or imprisonment, and if the Case be exorbitant, by Pillory and loss of his Ears.

The cover of Calvin and Hobbes, ..

Here's a color self-portrait sketch by Bill Watterson. My thanks to Francis from  for this one!

cpolitical15 - 27aug1980: From August 27, 1980. I guess the ability to search student lockers is common today, but back in 1980 it was controversial. On August 25th, the Cincinnati Public Schools instated a policy that "A school principal or his designee in the pressence of an adult witness may open a locker and confiscate unauthorized, illegal or dangerous items, with or without a student present."

In the early years of Calvin and Hobbes (1986-89), when newspapers announced the comic strip as a winner of their annual "reader polls," Watterson would occasionally draw an original sketch for their articles. I'm actually looking for fellow Calvin fans in these cities to go to the public library, look up the following reader poll articles (in microfiche archives, etc.) and see if there are any such sketches:

it was not important to establish how Calvin and Hobbes met

It has been referenced to in Star Trek, Calvin and Hobbes and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

[ the diocesan, by himself or by his commissaries, should proceed publicly and judicially against such persons, etc. to the full effect of the Law, and determine such business, etc. in accordance with the canonical rules.]

[ by the same letters patent willed and ordained that when the aforesaid hospital was so founded, erected and established, it should be named and called for ever King Edward VI of England’s Hospital of Christ of Bridewell and St. Thomas the Apostle, and that the mayor, commonalty and citizens of the aforesaid city should be governors, etc., and that the same governors should henceforth be a body corporate by the name of the Governors of the Possessions, Revenues and Goods of King Edward VI of England’s Hospital of Christ, Bridewell, and of St. Thomas the Apostle, etc.]

Hollinshed 722. An. Dom: 1546. 37 Hen. 8. the Whore-houses, called the stews, were suppressed by Proclamation, and sound of Trumpet, &c.
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Calvin and Hobbes: An Existentialist View Essay -- …

When the cause originally belongs to the cognizance of the Common Law, and not to the Ecclesiasticall Court, there although they libell for it according to the course of the Ecclesiasticall Law, yet the lyeth, for this, that this draws the cause which is determinable at the Common Law, viz. to be decided by the Civill or Ecclesiasticall Law; and so deprives the Subject of the benefit of the Common Law, which is his birth-right: And with this agrees the Book of Entries, tit. Premunire, fol. 229 b. and 430 a. where it is put for a Rule, So that if the original cause be temporall, although that they proceed by Citation, Libel, &c. in Ecclesiasticall manner, yet this is in danger of And the reason of this Offence is expressed in the Writ, for this, that he endeavours to draw which is as much as to say, that the Debt, the Cognizance whereof belongs to the Court of the King, and to be determined by the Common Law, he intends by the Originall Suit to draw it to be determined by the Ecclesiasticall Law.

calvin hobbes essays Thomas Hobbes was a very unique individual

And as to the first and second Objections, it was answered, that true it is, that the Crown of England hath as well Ecclesiasticall as Temporall Jurisdiction, annexed to it, as appears by the Resolution in from age to age: And although this was yet when the Pope became so potent and powerfull, he did usurp upon the King’s Ecclesiasticall Jurisdiction within this Realm; but this was but meer usurpation (for the King cannot be put out of the possession of any thing which belongs to his Crown:) And for this reason, all the Kings of this Realm for the establishment of their temporall Law, by which they inherit the Crown, and by which they govern their Subjects in Peace, and punish those who are rebellious, or who commit great Offences against them and their Crown: And they were always jealous lest any part or point of their temporall Law should be encroached upon: And for this, if the Ecclesiasticall Law usurp any thing upon the temporall Law, this was severely punished: And the Offender esteemed and adjudged an Enemy to the King by the ancient Statutes; and every one might have killed him before the Statute 5 Eliz. and this is the reason for why; although both Jurisdictions belong to the Crown, yet inasmuch as the Crown itself is directed and descendable by the Common Law, and all Treason against the Crown punished by this Law; for this cause, when the Ecclesiasticall Judge usurps upon the Common Law, it is said And all the Prohibitions directed to the high Commissioners from year to year, from the time of the making of the said Statute 1 Eliz. doth conclude,

Calvin and hobbes college essay

And note, in the Indictment of against Cardinall Wolsey, Mich. 21 Hen. 8. it is said, | and this is included within these words, viz. to decide that by the Civill and Ecclesiasticall Lawes, which is determinable by the common Law: And upon this was a notable case in Hil. an. 25 Hen. 8. the case of against whom, he then being in thecustody of the Marshalsey, the Kings Attorney preferred a Bill of And the matter of the was such. Within Thetford in the County of Norfolk hath been such Custom, that all Ecclesiasticall Causes arising within that Town should be determined before the Dean of the same Town, who hath within it peculiar Jurisdiction; and that none in the same Town shall be drawn in plea in any other Court Christian for Ecclesiasticall Causes, unless before the same Dean: and if any be against the said Custom drawn in Suit before any other Ecclesiasticall Judge, and this be presented before the Mayor of the same Town, that such party shall forfeit 6s. 8d. And that one such sued in the Consistory of the said Bishop, for a thing arising within the said Town of Thetford, and this was presented before the Mayor, [of Thetford according to the custom,] for which he hath forfeited 6s. 8d. the said Bishop cited the said Mayor to appear before him at his house in Hoxin, in Suffolk, generally and upon appearance libelled, upon all the matter, and enjoyned him upon pain of Excommunication to annul the said Presentment [before a day: and upon a brought for this matter]: And the said Bishop had Counsell learned assigned him; And they objected, that as well the said Presentment as the said Custom were for divers causes void, and therefore it cannot be said, nor hath the Bishop drawn the party for it ought not to be examined in any Court.

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