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And Jesus in all probablity had no knowledge of the Buddha.

So, the Bible contradicts both Conservative and Liberal Buddhism. TheBible teaches that God exists and that the purpose of religion is toplease God; but there is only God, graven images areforbidden, and man is divine.

buddha vs jesus christ or taoism beats karma or taoism vs transcendentalism

Gautama refused even to deny or affirm God's existence. Hedefinitely denied that himself was divine. Instead histeachings were designed to obtain relief from .Original Buddhism involves neither faith nor worship, neither prayer norpraise nor forgiveness of sins. In that sense, conservative Buddhism isnot really a religion but a moral philosophy designed to overcomesuffering.

Essay about Jesus and Buddha - 919 Words

Recently, both Theravadaand Mahayana Buddhism have been introduced into the West.

Now it could be that while this is true of the tradition thatdeveloped out of the Buddha's teachings, the Buddha himself heldthe unfettered use of rationality in quite high esteem. This would seemto conflict with what he is represented as saying in response to thereport that he arrived at his conclusions through reasoning andanalysis alone: that such a report is libelous, since he possesses anumber of superhuman cognitive powers (M I.68). But at least somescholars take this passage to be not the Buddha's own words butan expression of later devotionalist concerns (Gombrich 2009: 164).Indeed one does find a spirited discussion within the traditionconcerning the question whether the Buddha is omniscient, a discussionthat may well reflect competition between Buddhism and thoseBrahmanical schools that posit an omniscient creator. And atleast for the most part the Buddhist tradition is careful not toattribute to the Buddha the sort of omniscience usually ascribed to anall-perfect being: the actual cognition, at any one time, of alltruths. Instead a Buddha is said to be omniscient only in the muchweaker sense of always having the ability to cognize any individualfact relevant to the soteriological project, viz. the details of theirown past lives, the workings of the karmic causal laws, and whether agiven individual's defilements have been extirpated. Moreover,these abilities are said to be ones that a Buddha acquires through aspecific course of training, and thus ones that others may reasonablyaspire to as well. The attitude of the later tradition seems to be thatwhile one could discover the relevant facts on one's own, itwould be more reasonable to take advantage of the fact that the Buddhahas already done all the epistemic labor involved. When we arrive in anew town we could always find our final destination through trial anderror, but it would make more sense to ask someone who already knowstheir way about.

The notion of "non-self" can be found in the gospels of Mark and of Thomas, for example.

But they are not the same and it is a waste of valuable practice time to try to make them so.

Jesus said he was the "way" and the "gate"; the Buddha Shakyamuni said he was a finger pointing at the Moon.

Comparison between Buddhism and Christianity essay …

Stories were also told about the Buddha by his followersboth to explain and understand the Dharma.

These two arguments appear, then, to give good reason to deny a selfthat might ground diachronic personal identity and serve as locus ofcontrol, given the assumption that there is no more to the person thanthe empirically given psychophysical elements. But it now becomessomething of a puzzle how one is to explain diachronic personalidentity and agency. To start with the latter, does the argument fromcontrol not suggest that control must be exercised by something otherthan the psychophysical elements? This was precisely the conclusion ofthe Sāṃkhya school of orthodox Indian philosophy. One oftheir arguments for the existence of a self was that it is possible toexercise control over all the empirically given constituents of theperson; while they agree with the Buddha that a self is never observed,they take the phenomena of agency to be grounds for positing a selfthat transcends all possible experience.

It is said that Gautama's last words before his death were: "Buddha's do but point the way, work out your salvation with diligence."

Theravada teaches that each man is responsible for their own this is reached by ones self-effort; "Be lamps unto yourselves.

As well as birth Christianity and Islam both believe in the second coming of Jesus and the equal ability of sin and good deeds.
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Comparison Chart of Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and Sigmund

Mohammed believed that he was a prophet. Buddha felt that he was a seeker after truth. Confucius never claimed to be anything but a wise teacher. Only Jesus has made claim to be the eternal Son of God. He is God and He proved His deity

Download Comparison Chart of Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and Sigmund

* is the older, conservative wing thatfollows the original teachings of Gautama. These Buddhists are foundmainly in Southern Asia - Thailand, Burma, etc.

Jesus vs Buddha Essay – Free Papers and Essays Examples

The Buddha will here be treated as a philosopher. To so treat him iscontroversial, but before coming to why that should be so, let us firstrehearse those basic aspects of the Buddha's life and teachingsthat are relatively non-controversial. Tradition has it that Gautamalived to age 80. Up until recently his dates were thought to beapproximately 560–480 BCE, but many scholars now hold that he must havedied around 405 BCE. He was born into a family of some wealth andpower, members of the Śākya clan, in the area of the presentborder between India and Nepal. The story is that in early adulthood heabandoned his comfortable life as a householder (as well as his wifeand young son) in order to seek a solution to the problem ofexistential suffering. He first took up with a number of differentwandering ascetics (śramanas) who claimed to know thepath to liberation from suffering. Finding their teachingsunsatisfactory, he struck out on his own, and through a combination ofinsight and meditational practice attained the state of enlightenment(bodhi) which is said to represent the cessation of allfurther suffering. He then devoted the remaining 45 years of his lifeto teaching others the insights and techniques that had led him to thisachievement.

Compare and contrast the Buddha and Jesus as …

Jesus only explained what they already had in the Scriptures giving the correct interpretations and fulfilling the prophecies.

Buddha died at the old age of 80 years old by eating rotten food, his life was lived without exaggerations of either luxury or asceticism.

Compare and contrast the Buddha and Jesus as religious teachers

* Conservative Buddhists (Theravada) have three groups of writings called"3 baskets" - the Tripitaka. It is eleven times the size of theBible and is supposed to contain the sermons and doctrines of Gautama, but itwas written centuries he died. So, it is not an eyewitnessaccount of his life or teachings. There is no such eyewitness account. All wehave are traditions. [WR-170f; EB-IV-325f; BR-5,6,38]

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