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More than 2 million soldiers of the Indian Army served in World War 2

The amount of black British soldiers that were actually living in or from Britain during world war 2 was tiny. Don’t try to change history.
The colonial regiments were mostly in India or Malaya.
The teacher above who says it’s her life aim to achieve a black curriculum (whatever that is) is sadly indicative of the kind of lefty nonsense our kids are subjected to these days.

 Salvage Metal - Reprint of a British WW2 Propaganda Poster

Still another anti-American leaflet to the British forces coded * 341-12-44 was one that depicted a pair of men's shoes on the floor next to a chair with a man's uniform piled on it. The implication was that the Americans were in England sleeping with the wives or girlfriends of the British soldiers while they were away fighting the war. The short poem on the leaflet reads:

Evacuate the Children. Reprint of a British WW2 Propaganda Poster

2W25 Vintage WWII Help me Build A Plane British Industry War Poster Re-Print Wall Decor A2/A3/A4

In WW2 the British government saw that boosting morale on the Home Front would be a key part of supporting the armed services overseas. People on the Home Front played a big role in the production of military equipment, so it was vital to maintain both their morale and their faith that the war would be won.

Note: Portions of this article on wartime sexual propaganda first appeared in the magazines: September 1967 May 1981 and September 1983At the time, many publishers were seeking articles about the use of sex in war propaganda. I turned down a half-dozen others because I got tired of writing articles on the same subject. I was later interviewed and my material was depicted in the long-running British Channel Four television documentary series on two occasions. In 1999, it broadcast and in 2004, . In 2006 I took part in the Canadian Chum Limited TV documentary . In 2013, parts of the article were used for reference by the Talkback Company on the popular BBC quiz show (Quite Interesting). In addition, the information in this article has been used as source material in a number of books such as Professor Dagmar Herzog’s In 2015, I was contacted by , an NGO based in Croatia that wanted to publish in Croatian. Permission was granted to use my data.

Reprint of a WW2 British Propaganda Poster

Reprint of a British WW2 ATS and WAAF Womens Forces Recruiting Poster

In the early years of the second world war, Britain made frequent requests for help from its colonies. One man to respond was Billy Strachan. Like most Jamaicans at the time he regarded Britain as his homeland, and enlisting it seemed a natural option.

Sefton Delmer, a reporter with the French Army who would later become an official of the British wartime propaganda agency, recalls his visit to the French front in 1939. He was shown a leaflet:

Reprint of a WW2 British Propaganda Poster
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Reprint of a WW2 British Propaganda Poster

In Sefton Delmer’s article “HMG's Secret Pornographer,” published in , 21 February 1972, Delmer, head of a special section of the British Political Warfare Executive suspects these leaflets might have been a waste of time. He points out that:

Food Production - Reprint of a WWII British Propaganda Poster

I am an American retired black soldier. I came across your messages by luck. I wanted to obtain information regarding black soldiers serving in the military during WW2. I was very surprise to find very little info. I am sure blacks lived in Britain at that time. Were they allowed to serve? From my understanding, there was a large community of blacks living in England at that time and from my studies, England was in need are men for the war. So, where we’re the black men? American black military men did served in WW2 but not many. However, there is a history of their participation. If anyone can assist me in locating information regarding the Blacks that served in British military, please let me know. Thanks

Lend A Hand - Reprint of a British WW2 Propaganda Poster

Both the Axis and the Allies printed aerial propaganda leaflets using sexual themes in an attempt to demoralize enemy soldiers at the front. Did these leaflets work? Did the finders become emotionally crippled and unable to carry on their duties and responsibilities? Just the opposite occurred. The "pin-up" pictures became collectors items sought after by the troops who greedily collected and swapped them. If anything, the leaflets raised morale. There is no doubt that they were the most heartily appreciated propaganda leaflets used in World War 2. We can probably state that they were the most widely read and circulated enemy documents of any war.

Salvage Metal - Reprint of a British WW2 Propaganda Poster

A Small Donation
Off course, the Poles retaliated in kind. Klaus Kirchner says in that the Polish Underground produced several leaflets using sex in their anti-Nazi propaganda campaign. This uncoded leaflet believed to have been produced sometime in 1942 depicts a semi nude woman sitting on the lap of a man I assume is a Nazi official. A poor widow is begging for alms and the Nazi is very annoyed at the disturbance. The widow says:

The Nazi answers:
German See-through Leaflet AW-35b
The Germans used the same see-through propaganda later in the war in an attempt to divide the allies. They printed four series of leaflets on a very thin paper with see-through images and text. They are AW33 through AW36, each with more than one image. The leaflets of the first three series show a dead Tommy lying on his back, lying face down, or in the barbed-wire staring wide-eyed at the viewer. The secret images show an American soldier raping a girl, fondling partially undressed women, or having sex with a nude woman on a bed. The messages are generally short. Examples are, "Your fight / his warfare," "While you face death," "Die! / To keep him living," and "Your allies are assisting you / on all fronts." These leaflets were produced for Allied troops on the Western Front by the German Skorpion West propaganda organization. The AW36 series is a bit different. One shows a dead soldier with the words, "White plays." When held to the light, a black man is raping a white woman from behind, and the additional text "Black wins." German Leaflet S.415 On the subject of , the Germans prepared a number of leaflets for use against the Free Polish Army fighting with the Allies in . The Psywar Society booklet states that the propaganda section (Southern Star) of the Skorpion Sud (Scorpion South) organization of the German 10th Army did an entire 1600 series that were in the Polish language. A second series coded “S” with a numeric in the 400s were also all Polish language leaflets. The leaflet above is illustrated in by Peter Batty. It depicts a Caricatured Jew with tuxedo and white spats reading a newspaper with a Star of David at the top. A beautiful nude female sits on his lap drinking a cocktail. This leaflet manages to be anti-Semitic and sexual at the same time. The text is: The back is all text. In it, the Germans seem to have forgotten that they invaded and killed most of its Jews. They blame the Jews for the war, an amazing leap of logic. Some of the text is:
The Italian campaign found the German Army well prepared, both from a military and PSYOP Standpoint. The allies’ cautious advance allowed the Germans to build up a strong defensive force. Once the advance was halted, thousands of leaflets were showered on the American and British troops from aircraft, artillery, rockets and rifle-grenades. Many of these leaflets were sexual, and extremely effective.

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