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Anna Quindlen also made a good point,” No religion should be forced to marry anyone in violation of its tenants (gay marriage), although ironically it is only religious ceremonies that gay people can marry, performed by a clergy who find the blessing of two who love each other no sin”… The purpose of Quindlens article is to persuade the reader that gay marriage should be acceptable to today’s society and Gay couples should receive the same benefits when they are married as straight marr...

In brief, legalizing gay marriage would, in Andrew Sullivan's summary formulation:

Bawer, for his part, has come close to saying that the inability of many male homosexuals to remain faithful in long-term relationships is a consequence of the lack of marriage rights--a burning sign of the more general stigma under which gays labor in our society and which can be redressed by changes in law. As it happens, though, this particular line of argument is already somewhat out of date and is gradually being phased out of the discussion. The toleration of gay styles of life has come about on its own in American society, without the help of legal sanctions, and protecting gay couples from the contempt of bigots is not the emergency Bawer has depicted. Quite the contrary: with increasing numbers of gay partners committing themselves to each other for life, in full and approving view of their families and friends, advocates of gay marriage need no longer call upon the law to light (or force) the way; they need only ask it to ratify a trend.

Free gay marriage papers, essays, and research papers.

William Bennett, the editor of The Book of Virtues, and co-director of Empower America, responses to Sullivan’s piece....

In sentences like the aforementioned, Sullivan is trying to appeal to emotion, by likening homosexuals to all other people, hetero and homosexual alike.

The laws of marriage do not create marriage, but in societies ruled by law they help trace the boundaries and sustain the public meanings of marriage. . . . Without this shared, public aspect, perpetuated generation after generation, marriage becomes what its critics say it is: a mere contract, a vessel with no particular content, one of a menu of sexual lifestyles, of no fundamental importance to anyone outside a given relationship.

Blogger-in-Chief Andrew Sullivan;

Andrew Sullivan’s essay, “Let Gays Marry,” is about how gays and lesbians have long been alienated from their basic rights as American citizens....

Others, to be sure, have attacked the Bawer/Sullivan line more forthrightly. In a September 2000 article in Commentary, "," Stanley Kurtz challenged the central contention that marriage would do for gay men what it does for straights--i.e., "domesticate" their natural male impulse to promiscuity. Citing a number of academic "queer theorists" and radical gays, Kurtz wrote:

Andrew Sullivan, an editor of the New Republic, and William Bennett, editor of The Book of Virtues, have widely contrasting viewpoints about same-sex marriages in their articles Let Gays Marry and Leave Marriage Alone.

Again in response to the question of why do gays want to marry, Sullivan appeals to emotion and even tradition in stating that??
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Andrew Sullivan's 1989 essay on gay marriage | The …

WHAT of simple compassion? What do we owe to our fellow-beings who wish, as they might put it, to achieve a happiness they see we are entitled to but which we deny to them? From those of us who oppose gay marriage, Andrew Sullivan demands some "reference to gay people's lives or relationships or needs." But the truth is that many people have many needs that are not provided for by law, by government, or by society at large--and for good reason.

Andrew Sullivan Gay Marriage Essays 1 - 30 Anti Essays

For men, by contrast, the same phenomenon--needing to be married in order to feel safe and free in a sexual relationship--simply does not exist. Men may wish to marry, but for more particular reasons: because they want to have children, or because they want to make a woman they love happy, or because they fear they will otherwise lose the woman they love. But it is rare for a man to feel essentially incomplete, or unprotected, in a sexual relationship that has not been solemnized by marriage. In fact, a man desperate to marry is often considered to have something wrong with him--to be unusually controlling or needy.

Andrew Sullivan's For Gay Marriage - Marked by Teachers

JAMES Q. WILSON, Maggie Gallagher, Stanley Kurtz, and others--including William J. Bennett in The Broken Hearth (2001) -- are right to point to the deleterious private and public consequences of instituting gay marriage. Why, then, do their arguments fail to satisfy completely? Partly, no doubt, it is because the damage they describe is largely prospective and to that degree hypothetical; partly, as I remarked early on, the defensive tone that invariably enters into these polemics may rob them of the force they would otherwise have. I hardly mean to deprecate that tone: anyone with homosexual friends or relatives, especially those participating in longstanding romantic relationships, must feel abashed to find himself saying, in effect, "You gentlemen, you ladies, are at one and the same time a fine example of fidelity and mutual attachment--and the thin edge of the wedge." Nevertheless, in demanding the right to marry, that is exactly what they are.

Andrew Sullivan's For Gay Marriage

In paragraph four, sentence one, Sullivan uses logos to makes the point that some (supported by Bob Dole and Pat Buchanan) believe that marriage is only about raising children, but not all heterosexual couple choose to or are made to have children.

(Conservative) Case For Gay Marriage (Andrew Sullivan, New ..

Like other critics of same-sex marriage, Kurtz has himself been vigorously criticized, especially by Sullivan. But he is almost certainly correct as to political and legal realities. If we grant rights to one group because they have demanded it--which is, practically, how legalized gay marriage will come to pass--we will find it exceedingly awkward to deny similar rights to others ready with their own dossiers of "victimization." In time, restricting marriage rights to couples, whether straight or gay, can be made to seem no less arbitrary than the practice of restricting marriage rights to one man and one woman. Ultimately, the same must go for incestuous relationships between consenting adults--a theme to which I will return.

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