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In Europe, country after country had fallen to the advances of Hitler's Germany. By mid-1940, much of the west of the continent, including the Netherlands, was under German control. On June 6, 1944, the Allied forces embarked on the struggle to liberate ‘Fortress Europe' from the west with the greatest combined military operation in history: D-Day. The Allies would soon advance north and east out of France, but the Netherlands, with its challenging terrain of canals, dykes and floodlands, coupled with the determined German occupiers, would prove to be a punishing place to battle.

compiled by Harold Marcuse (Harold's marcuse an essay on liberation quotes UCSB homepage).

The conception of power as a resource can be found in the work of someliberal feminists (Mill 1970, Okin 1989). For example, in Justice,Gender, and the Family, Susan Moller Okin argues that thecontemporary gender-structured family unjustly distributes thebenefits and burdens of familial life amongst husbands and wives. Okinincludes power on her list of benefits, which she calls“critical social goods.” As she puts it, “when welook seriously at the distribution between husbands and wives of suchcritical social goods as work (paid and unpaid), power, prestige,self-esteem, opportunities for self-development, and both physical andeconomic security, we find socially constructed inequalities betweenthem, right down the list” (Okin, 1989, 136). Here, Okin seemsto presuppose that power is a resource that is unequally and unjustlydistributed between men and women; hence, one of the goals of feminismwould be to redistribute this resource in more equitable ways.

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This how to write change over time essays essay is.

The great bravery and sacrifice of Canadians were not the only help our country gave the Netherlands during the war. Some members of the Dutch royal family found sanctuary in Canada during the war and Princess Margriet was born in Ottawa in 1943. These powerful connections helped form warm bonds of friendship and respect between the Dutch and the Canadians which continue to this day. Evidence of this enduring connection may be seen in the tulips—gifts from the Netherlands—which bloom in Ottawa each spring and in the care and attention bestowed by the Dutch people on the burial places of our war dead. Even though the cost of lives was heavy and the sacrifice great, Canadians are proud to have been cast in the role of liberators.

In the months following D-Day, the Allies needed a reliable way to keep supplies flowing to their forces on the European continent. To do this, they required a good seaport. The Belgian port of Antwerp was captured almost intact but it lay almost 80 kilometres from the sea and was accessible only by a long estuary whose shores were controlled by German forces. Much of this coastal area was Dutch and, in the fall of 1944, the First Canadian Army led the way in fierce combat under harsh conditions to clear the German occupiers from the shores of the Scheldt River and open the waterway to vital shipping. More than 6,000 Canadian soldiers were killed, wounded or captured in this gruelling but victorious campaign that became a key step in the liberation of northwest Europe and the end of the war.

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The emphasis on individual responsibility, and the proposed abandonment […]

Through the hard work, courage and great sacrifices of Canadian and other Allied soldiers, the remaining German forces in the country surrendered on May 5, 1945, finally liberating all of the Netherlands. All German forces would surrender May 7, 1945. The next day was declared Victory in Europe (V-E) Day.

Canadian forces were prepared to continue their push in the west of the country, however, there were concerns this would prompt the now-desperate Germans to breach all the dykes and flood the low-lying country. To ease the pressure, and allow for a truce in late April, the Canadian advance in the western Netherlands came to a temporary halt. This allowed relief supplies to reach Dutch citizens who had almost reached the end of their endurance. To show their appreciation to the Canadians who air-dropped food during this time, many Dutch people painted, “Thank you, Canadians!” on their rooftops.

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Although any general definition of feminism would no doubt becontroversial, it seems undeniable that much work in feminist theoryis devoted to the tasks of critiquing women’s subordination, analyzingthe intersections between sexism and other forms of subordination suchas racism, heterosexism, and class oppression, and envisioning thepossibilities for both individual and collective resistance to suchsubordination. Insofar as the concept of power is central to each ofthese theoretical tasks, power is clearly a central concept forfeminist theory as well. And yet, curiously, it is one that is notoften explicitly discussed in feminist work (exceptions include Allen1998, 1999, Caputi 2013, Hartsock 1983 and 1996, Yeatmann 1997, andYoung 1992). This poses a challenge for assessing feministperspectives on power, as those perspectives must first bereconstructed from discussions of other topics. Nevertheless, it ispossible to identify three main ways in which feminists haveconceptualized power: as a resource to be (re)distributed, asdomination, and as empowerment. After a brief discussion oftheoretical debates amongst social and political theorists over how todefine the concept of power, this entry will survey each of thesefeminist conceptions.

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This would mean many more months of suffering for the Netherlands, which had already endured years of German occupation. The "Hunger Winter" of 1944-45 was a terrible time for the Dutch people. Food supplies were exhausted; many people were reduced to eating tulip bulbs just to try to survive. Fuel had run out and transportation was almost non-existent. By 1945, the official daily ration per person in the Netherlands was only 320 calories, about an eighth of the daily needs of an average adult. Thousands of Dutch men, women, and children perished of starvation and cold.

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Additionally, A Doll’s House subverted another dramatic tradition. Ibsen’s realist drama disregarded the tradition of featuring an older male moral figure. , the character who should serve this role, is far from a positive moral force. Instead, he is not only sickly, rotting from a disease picked up from his father’s earlier sexual exploits, but also lascivious, openly coveting Nora. The choice to portray both Dr. Rank and the potentially matronly as imperfect humans seemed like a novel approach at the time.

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In social and political theory, power is often regarded as anessentially contested concept (see Lukes 1974 and 2005, and Connolly1983). Although this claim is itself contested (see Haugaard 2010;Morriss 2002, 199–206 and Wartenberg 1990, 12–17), thereis no doubt that the literature on power is marked by deep,widespread, and seemingly intractable disagreements over how the termpower should be understood.

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