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"To Amy Lowell" : typescript poem, signed, undated.

Mr. Frost writes down what he sees. But, being a true poet, he sees itvividly and with a charm which translates itself into a beautiful simplicity ofexpression. He is an eminently sympathetic poet. He wins first by his gentleunderstanding, and his strong and unsentimental power of emotion; later, we are conqueredby his force, and moved to admiration by his almost unapproachable technique. Still, hisimagination is bounded by his life, he is confined within the limits of his experience (orat least what might have been his experience) and bent all one way like the wind-blowntrees of New England hillsides. After all, art is rooted in the soil, and only the verygreatest men can be both cosmopolitan and great. Mr. Frost is as New England as Burns isScotch, Synge Irish, or Mistral Provencal, and it is perhaps not too much to say that heis the equal of these poets, and will so rank- to future generations. (pp. 134-136)

Poems and essays from various correspondents sent to Amy Lowell, 1917-1929: Guide.

It has been my endeavour in these essays to follow this evolution, in the movement as awhole, and also in the work of the particular poets who compose it. I have tried to showwhat has led each of these men to adopt the habit Of mind which now characterizes him, whyhe has been forced out of one order into another; how his ideas have gradually taken formin his mind, and in what way he expresses this form in his work. I have pointed out hisancestry, physical as well as mental, and have noted where atavism has held him back,where pushed him forward.

"To Amy Lowell" : manuscript poem; 1925 Apr.

The Use of Imagery to Appeal to the Reader's Sense of Sight in Patterns by Amy Lowell.

Amy Lowell produced the majority of her poems after her acquaintance with the actress Ada Russell, a widow eleven years older than Lowell, with whom she shared the last thirteen years of her life.

eNotes critical analyses help you gain a deeper understanding of Patterns so you can excel on Summary of “Patterns” by Amy LowellWe all have certain patterns that we follow in lives.

I've read Amy Lowell was an astute business woman as well as poet.

"And once 'twas Amy Lowell came to me" : typescript poem, 1929 [Mar.?] 1s.

Another thing to be said is that America has a unique history among great nations in that it has never been affected by any great religious influence except that which has issued from the Scriptures. No religion has ever been influential in America except Christianity. For many years there have been sporadic and spasmodic efforts to extend the influence of Buddhism or other Indian cults. They have never been successful, because the American spirit is practical, and not meditative. We are not an introspective people. We do not look within ourselves for our religion. Whatever moral and religious influence our literature shows gets back first or last to our Scriptures. The point of view of nature that is taken by our writers like Bryant and Thoreau is that of the Nineteenth Psalm. Moreover, we have been strongly under the English influence. Irving insisted that we ought to be, that we were a young nation, that we ought frankly to follow the leadership of more experienced writers. Longfellow thought we had gone too far that way, and that our poets, at least, ought to be more independent, ought to write in the spirit of America and not of traditional poetry. Whether we ought to have yielded to it or not, it is true that English influence has told very strongly upon us, and the writers who have influenced our writers most have been those whom we have named as being themselves under the Bible influence.

The following paragraphs will compare and contrast how both essays have similar themes about overcoming obstacles in life, yet Sacha’s essay is more about the need to fit into society without changing oneself, while Amy’s is disproving assumptions society places on langu...

[Lowes, John Livingston, 1867- ] "The poetry of Amy Lowell" : typescript, undated.
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Amy Lowell: poems, essays, and short stories | Poeticous

If we examine the state of American poetry from, let us say, 1830 until the Civil War,we shall be struck with one thing. That is, with the racial homogeneity of our poets. Theyare all of good English stock, in their work, I mean. It is true that two great geniusesflung themselves up out of this mass of cultivated endeavour. But that is no exception tothe Anglo-Saxon rule, for no literature is richer in geniuses than is the English. Butthese two geniuses, Edgar Allan Poe and Walt Whitman, were too far ahead of their times tohave much effect upon their contemporaries. They are better understood, and have morefollowers, in the America of to-day. Wordsworth on the one hand, Byron on the other, werethe main springs of American poetry.

Amy Lowell Poetry Traveling Scholarship | Poets & …

In Mr. Robinson, we saw a highly developed, highly sensitized and intellectual, productof the old plain-living and high-thinking generations, throwing off the shackles of asuperstition and an environment grown too narrow. We saw the poet realizing his centuryand its changed point of view through a long process of self-analysis. We saw him becomingthe first spokesman of the New Order in this country through his following of truth in hisobservation of the world and of himself. Mr. Robinson represents New England, Mr. RobertFrost is New England. Mr. Robinson is one of the most intellectual poets writing inAmerica to-day; Mr. Frost is one of the most intuitive. But it must never be forgottenthat both these men are poets. So when I say, "intellectual", I would not beconstrued as meaning "devoid of passion," for Mr. Robinson is a passionate poet,even though the passion be carefully restrained; and when I say, "intuitive," Ido not intend the inference, that Mr. Frost is deficient in thought, for every line hewrites is most carefully considered. I would point out, simply, the different manner inwhich these two men approach life and their own work. Mr. Robinson speculates about theworld, wonders about it, almost agonizes over some of its phases; Mr. Frost, plastic andpassive, permits the world to make upon him what imprint it will. Mr. Robinson isconcerned that his work tally with the thing Observed; Mr. Frost is anxious to traceaccurately the markings burnt into the sensitive plate of his mind. Both poets areconscious of the I actual work, as every artist must be, but Mr. Robinson is conscious ofthe substance out of which the work grows, while, with Mr. Frost, this process goes on inthe subconscious stratum of his brain. Again, with Mr. Robinson, New England is a thingremembered, compounded of childhood memories and race atavism; with Mr. Frost, New Englandis daily environment. Mr. Robinson's characteristics are a composite of the New England ofthree centuries; while Mr. Frost typifies the New England of to-day in its entirety -aremark which should perhaps be qualified by adding the words, "in the countrydistricts." Mr. Robinson is more universal; Mr. Frost is more particular.

FREE Amy Lowell poetry analysis Essay - Example Essays

When, however, we come to John Milton (1608-1674), we remember he was only three years old when our version was issued; that when at fifteen, an undergraduate in Cambridge, he made his first paraphrases, casting two of the Psalms into meter, the version he used was this familiar one. A biographer says he began the day always with the reading of Scripture and kept his memory deeply charged with its phrases. In later life the morning chapter was generally from the Hebrew, and was followed by an hour of silence for meditation, an exercise whose influence no man's style could escape. As a writer he moved steadily toward the Scripture and the religious teaching which it brought his age. His earlier writing is a group of poems largely secular, which yet show in phrases and expressions much of the influence of his boyhood study of the Bible, as well as the familiar use of mythology. The memorial poem "Lycidas," for example, contains the much-quoted reference to Peter and his two keys—

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