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A day in the life of an inanimate object - AC Blog

Everybody has objects that tell about them, about their attitude, past, and who they really are. I personally think I have a lot of objects that tell the story of my life, from my old teddy bears to prizes I earned by singing and art, etc. But something that is really important to me and plays a big role in my life, is art. From messy paint brushes to broken color pencils, everything I ever used to make art and continue to do so, will forever be with me, the biggest treasure box of all time! Messy shirts and crayon flakes, there’s nothing more than I would prefer keeping with me.
Objects do definitely tell a story that words can not. When I paint and draw, I reflect who I am as a person, what I think like, what I feel. From a very young age I have been the shy type, I did not open up about my feelings and emotions toward different things. But the one way I have learnt to open up is through the beauty of art, just drawing what I feel, when I used to be stressed out or angry, I just take out a piece of paper and just start drawing, or get a canvas and start to paint. Bundles of messy art work by me when I was five is still kept safe. My parents have many times tried sending me to drawing classes, but it never really worked out. Why? because art classes are classes that have rules, there are boundaries, their system is to tell us what to draw, how to do it, in a particular way, and I did not like that, I had my own style, I found who I really was as a person. And I really enjoyed just doing my own thing. Sometimes my drawings could be a little scary, dark, sometimes really bright and happy, this shows my emotions and efforts and time put into something I am really passionate about.
Another object that tells the story of my life would be pictures. My family is a family full of photographers, I have been having cameras snapping me for as long as I can remember. I own two hard drives with lots and lots of pictures from years ago until today. Every single one will be saved twice incase I lose a hard drive. Pictures play such a big role in my life as much as art does. This is because even though the people in pictures change, the memories never do. I capture so many special moments from my trips to India, my vacation to my home place; Dubai, to different places and with special people. Looking through them when I have the time, laughing at funny images, just brings me pure joy. Because each time I draw, click pictures, see what I’ve done each minute of my life, I am truly proud of who I have become, and this happiness shows who I really am.

I have to write an essay on "a day in the life of an inanimate object"

The objects that tell the story of my life are dance shoes, picture of my dog, and a Spanish book. Objects that I would put in an exhibit or book would be dance shoes, a picture of my dog, a copy of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in Spanish, headphones, and a smiley face sticker.
I selected all of these objects because they are my life. I wear my dance shoes every day because I dance so much and I love them, a picture of my dog because once we got her my life has never been the same as it use to, she always makes me happy. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is important to my life because it was the first chapter book that I read in Spanish and it was a big accomplishment. I would put headphones as an object because I listen to music so much. I would have a smiley face sticker because they make me happy and my dad always tells me to put a smile on my face.
I think that using objects is “a clever way to hook people on history” but it might be very confusing because you don’t know what the objects mean to the person if it is not clear enough. Also words that describe what it means to you. They help so that people looking at the object can then know what it means to you.

i just found my life of an inanimate object essay, ..

COMMUNIQUE #4 The End of the World inanimate object essay APA ..

'Frank' was the clue to understanding'fallu-pas:' 'Frankly, not necessary.' — — Ohbut it was."Chapter 13's balance primarily covers Sidis' deep interestin transfers and his 'transfer' works. Amy says his bookabout transfers is arguably a second most boring book ever written(vis-à-vis a 200 page blank book by Methelà).In chapter 14 we hear more examples of Sidis' unusual behaviorand misfortune attempting to lead a quasi-normal life. Afterpublishing his book on transfers, he invested his remaining inheritancein bus stocks. They became worthless. As a result hehad to work, and went endlessly from one job to another. Eachjob ended with people discovering who he was and then relentlesslyharassing him.Amy tells us of Samuel Rosenberg's collection of essays titled,, in which Rosenberg tells one anecdotal story aboutSidis. In his story Sidis outsmarts on overbearing supervisorwho thinks Sidis is doing all calculations in his head, but cannotfind out for sure. A Charlie Chaplin comedy erupts with hissupervisor spying on Sidis and Sidis adjusting his behavior tocompensate. More humor follows in other accounts of Sidis'funnier side.She tells us Sidis founded a Geprodis Society in 1929. Itmarketed Sidis' perpetual calendars which were unique becausethey fixed a major problem of the day — leap years. Healso started a monthly newsletter called . It advertised other Sidis' products and marketedtranslation services and a manuscript circulation service forbudding authors.Amy ends chapter 15 by telling us Billy thought he was an incarnationof a mystical who appeared, to protect against problems, at critical times inour new nation's history.In chapter 16, Amy Wallace tells us about William's friendsand family.William would not accept new friends unless they promised notto disclose his identity, his works, or his authorship of hisworks to media.

Today, upwards of 25,000 elephants are poached every year, and even countries such as Kenya, which has been politically out front in promoting conservation and anti-poaching efforts, are experiencing steep drops in their elephant populations. Ivory of any provenance is now mostly taboo in Western society, thanks to the hard work of advocates who have been lobbying on elephants’ behalf for decades. But it is hard to say what chance this message has of getting through to China, by far the biggest market for the material — a country whose attitude toward human life leaves much to be desired, not to mention animals. And at the source in Africa, a region of the world that faces every possible kind of difficult reality, the financial potential of a pair of tusks is a far more potent factor than global opprobrium or sentiment for elephants. In the big picture, this is what it looks like when an unstoppable force meets an all too moveable object.

Can you imagine life from the perspective of an inanimate object

A day in the life of an inanimate object. Posted on Friday, January 22nd, 2016. What do a pair of mittens, a doll, a tea cup, a briefcase and a marble all have in common?

The 10 objects that I would include in an exhibit or book about my life is a basketball, an iPod, beats headphones, basketball shoes, basketball clothes, meat, a cross, homework, movies. I selected these objects because I love basketball, I am on my iPod a lot, I said my beats because I love listening to music with them, I love basketball shoes and I have a lot of pairs, basketball clothes because I wear them a lot, meat because I love every type of meat such as steak, chicken, fried chicken, salmon, tilapia, and many others, a cross for peace, homework because we have a lot of homework each day, and movies because I watch a ton of movies. Yes, objects is a clever way to hook people on history.

What objects would accurately depict my life? To sum up my entire being in a mere 5 things seems like it would be a challenge. However, the list became apparent very quickly. It is who I am. The 5 objects that represent my life include drumsticks, headphones, a folder, two chain links, and a magnifying glass. First, the drumsticks: drumming is embedded deep within my DNA and it is simply what I was born to do. I have been playing drums for over 8 years. It took me the other eight years of my life to realize that drumming made sense to me and went along perfectly with my personality. The reasons that I play drums relate directly to the other four objects that describe my life. A drummer needs to always be listening. This is where the headphones come in. I am always listening, not just hearing. By doing this, I understand things at a deeper level and I am able to be a better person. Whether listening to other people talk or listening to music, having a better understanding of what you’re being exposed to allows you to effectively use your resources and learn. As a drummer, listening allows me to adjust to the music and hold the band together; similar to how listening allows me to fully adapt to the world around me. The folder symbolizes organization, which is also essential for a drummer to have. I am extremely obsessive, compulsive, and picky when it comes to staying organized. My bedroom is always spotless so that I am better able to function throughout the day. The same goes for drums. By having my musical ideas organized, I fill my place in any musical setting without overdoing it. For the purpose of both playing drums and being able to function as a human, organization enables me to be efficient and fulfill my responsibilities, no matter what I’m doing. Next are the two chain links. These represent my love for social interaction and connecting with people. I enjoy getting to know interesting people and making new friends in unfamiliar situations. One of the ways I connect with people is through drumming. Music is a universal language that helps draw people together. When I play in front of people, there is a profound energy that fills me up as I see people bob theirs heads and tap their heels on the ground. Lastly, the magnifying glass is a symbol of my curiosity. In the future I plan on traveling to exotic places, discovering new things, and being exposed to all the amazing things our planet has to offer. I strive to constantly be learning and experimenting on drums, as well. I try to expose myself to all types of music so that I can be exposed to the infinite amounts of wonderful sounds. Drumming is a direct metaphor for my life as a whole and I often use it to help me get through difficult times. The same is true the other way around. When I am challenged with a new musical endeavor, I see it as any other challenge in life.

For my english coursework, i have to write a short story on 'a day in the life of an inanimate object'. We have to use personification & write in 1st person as
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Inanimate Object [writing prompt] - The Write Practice

f the core elements of life, sensation, and emotion are so widely distributed as to encompass a huge swath of the animal kingdom, what the moral difference between a species with higher capabilities and one without? In his thoughtful 1985 essay “,” the philosopher of biology Hans Jonas takes up three activities attributed solely to humans and explores their deeper implications. As it happens, given what we know today, elephants arguably meet all three tests. Jonas’s standard is worth revisiting in this light — not to diminish its significance for , but to consider what it means for the one other animal, at least, that might share it.

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